Willis ISD

Willis ISD is located 45 miles north of Houston. It occupies around 126 miles of Montgomery County and 32 miles of San Jacinto County. They are a K-12 district and are looking forward to future growth in district.

Their superintendent, Tim Harkrider, came into office in July 2013. Since in office, the district ratings have improved, school resources have been upgraded, and the education of students have flourished, and they plan on realizing more goals and exceeding expectations. The district currently educates over 6,700 students in 5 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, and 1 high school.

Accountability and Performance

In 2014, the district as a whole obtained the rating of “Met Standard” for State Accountability System. Schools within Willis ISD have earned achievements of their own. AR Turner Elementary was awarded with Top 25% for Student Progress and Closing the Performance Gaps Distinct Designations. Edward B Cannan Elementary was also awarded with Top 25% for Student Progress and Closing the Performance Gaps, plus Academic Achievements in Mathematics.

Setting Higher Standards

The district not only seeks to raise their own standards, but the standards of the students under their teaching. Willis ISD firmly believes in preparing students for the world beyond their high school career. Besides offering GT/AP courses, the district also gives junior and senior students the opportunity to earn college credit. They can earn up to 40 hours of college credit through Lone Star College courses. They have in place a Career and Technology Program that allows them to explore their career interests or gain certifications in careers such as cosmetology and auto tech, so they can be prepared to enter the workforce after graduation.

Upgrading Resources

By upgrading their resources, Willis ISD feels that they can continue to helps teachers and students challenge themselves and elevate the classrooms experience, expecting to see the district continue to improve and exceed the expectations of the state. Some of their technological endeavors include transforming their library into a digital center where students can have access to technological devices; providing elementary campuses with sets of digital devices; supplying secondary campuses with 1600-mini laptops.

Highly Qualified Teachers

Willis ISD ensure that their teachers whether new or seasoned are giving the training they need to meet the states standards of a High Qualified Teachers. Through professional development training and more, 100% of all the district’s teachers are highly qualified, and their skills and knowledge obtained through the training goes above and beyond the standard of a highly qualified teacher.

Willis ISD continues to grow and improve itself and has no intention to stop. They invest in their students and teachers so that they may perform at a high level. Visit their website at www.willisisd.org to learn more about the district, their schools, and teachers to see if Willis ISD would be a great home for you.

Web-Centric Alternative Certification Program

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