Angleton Independent School District in Texas

Angleton ISD was established in 1897, and it is located in Brazoria County. The district currently serves approximately 6,300 students per year. The district house 6 elementary schools, 2 high schools, and academy, and an alternative program.

If you’re interested in teaching for Angleton ISD, here is some more information about the district, and how you can go about getting your Texas teacher certification.


Angleton ISD has a highly culturally diverse student body. It consists of 43% of students of Anglo background; 41% Hispanic; 14% African American; 1% Asian/Pacific Islander. Fifty-six percent of the students are economically disadvantaged, 8% of the student body is limited in English proficiency, and 38% are at risk students.

Teaching at Angleton ISD

he district has over 400 employed teachers, and has a highly competitive teacher’s salary. Teachers possessing a Bachelor’s degree can earn anywhere from $48,130 to 61,480 depending on the years of experience possessed. You may earn more than a Bachelor’s salary if you hold a Master’s degree or Doctorate degree, or if you teach in the Special
Education, Bilingual/ESL, or Spanish department.

Angleton ISD believes in the professional development of its teachers. Their goal is to nurture and improve skills in class management skills, teaching strategies, class participation, and more.

Dual Language Program

Angleton ISD has adopted the 50/50 Dual Language Program where both native English speakers and Native speakers are exposed to both languages equally during their lessons.

Gifted and Talented Program

Students who exhibit in depth interest in subjects, high critical thinking and problem solving skills, and other skills along those lines can be tested and evaluated for the Gifted and Talented Program. Students can start participating starting at the first grade level. Programs include:

  • Promising Aptitude and Tendencies Talent Pool (1st and 2nd graders)
  • Talented and Gifted Academy (3rd-5th graders)
  • Program for Advanced Content Education (6th-8th graders)
  • Pre-Advanced Placement and Advanced Placement (9th – 12th graders)

Career and Technology Education

The CTE program provides students with the tools they need so they can be successful in their college and industry careers. Students can expect workplace training, relevant course work, development of employability skills and more. Students are also able to earn free college credit through the CTE program.

Past Standardized Testing Performance

For years, AISD has performed well above the TAAKS scores of the states in all subjects, and are expecting to see the same results for the STAAR and End of Course test.

Parental Involvement

Angleton ISD highly believes in parents being involved in their children’s education. Programs such as Post Grad and Parent Night are used to ensure parents are aware of graduation dates, important dates for the students and the district, testing, and more.

The district has also provided parents with online tools as another way to be involved in their child’s educational life. With Skyward Family Access parents can view student’s grades, attendance, and assignments.


If you’re interested in teaching for Angleton ISD but don’t have your certification, you should consider applying to our Web-Centric Alternative Certification Program. The state-wide online program offers a flexible option to obtaining your Texas teacher certification.

You must possess a Bachelor’s degree or be finishing up your degree to qualify for entrance into WCACP. Check out the admission requirements page for more information.

Visit Angleton ISD at to learn more about the district and its school and see if it is the right school for you.