Pasadena Independent School District

Pasadena ISD was established in 1868 and serves students in Pasadena, South Houston, Houston, and Pearland. It is home to 35 elementary schools, 8 middle schools, 10 intermediate, 6 high schools, and 4 alternative campuses.

Pasadena ISD’s student body is predominately Hispanic (82%). It also serves students of African American (7%), Asian (3%), and Anglo (7%) background. The total enrollment of students in the district is over 54,000. Twenty-six percent of these students or bilingual/ESL; 5% are gifted, and 9% are special education. The district has a very ideal student/teacher ratio with a district average of 17:2.

In 2014 their graduation rate was 89 percent, which is 2,997 students. Eight hundred and fifty-nine of these students were in AP/Dual Enrollment program, and 2,113 of these students recommended the High School Program.

Teaching at Pasadena ISD

The starting salary for teachers holding a Bachelor’s degree is currently $47,600; for Master’s, $48,600. The demand each year is great for highly qualified teachers to fill their classrooms. The main hiring season for teachers at Pasadena ISD runs from March through September each year. Although many openings are filled year around.


The district has installed more than 350 promethean boards in classrooms to assist in making lesson more interactive and interesting. This gives students a more real world feel to learning concepts.


Pasadena ISD has implemented a variety of scholastic programs in their schools to enable students to have the opportunity to advance their academic, artistic, and athletic skills and more.

The district has placed after school programs in 19 campuses to provide students with the extra tutoring and assistance they need to succeed in class. Programs such as the ACE After school Program provide tutoring, homework help, and interactive lessons for students K-12. They also provide students with the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities and classes such as dance, music, art, sport, culinary skills, and more.

The district conducts a highly recommended after school program. Two hundred and fifty fine arts teachers are employed to hone the skills of students who are interested in music, orchestra, choir, the visual arts, theatre and dance. The district has also placed a dual language program in many of their schools where English language learners have the opportunity to learn to read and speak Spanish through their everyday lesson, and vice versa for Spanish Speakers.

College and Careers

To encourage and assist students in attending college and finding their place in the work force, Pasadena ISD has built schools and programs that will help them start the planning and nurturing process of their chosen college and/or career path. Two of the four alternative campuses in the district are High Schools of Choice. The student is able to choose which High School they will attend based on their career and academic interest, so that the student can focus on the subjects and activities that will be of assistance to them in the future.

Parental Involvement

Pasadena ISD has taken measures to ensure that parents are always informed and have opportunities to be involved in their child’s education. One of the measures taken is Parent Connection. Parent Connection is the online tool the district has provided that allows parents to track their student’s grades and attendance.

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