Region 6 Splendora ISD

Splendora ISD serves a diverse student body of over 3,400 that attend three elementary schools, one junior high school, and one high school. All schools have achieved a rating of “Met Standards” on the Performance Accountability standard set by the state based on student achievement, student progress, closing performance gaps, and post secondary readiness. Splendora’s vision is to ensure that when their students graduate, they are “self motivated, confident, an adaptable learner, a critical thinker, and a productive citizen.”

Extracurricular Activities and Programs

One of the ways Splendora challenges and places confidence in their students is through extracurricular activities and programs. Extracurricular Activities and programs challenges students inside and outside the classroom, and help students explore their interest, hone their skills, and challenge their intellect.

Some activities strengthen students’ athletic skills such as soccer, football, basketball, and baseball. Others explore students’ creative skills like culinary arts, theatre arts, and choir. Then there are those that challenge their leadership skills like AFJROTC, National Honor Society, and the school newspaper and year book. These are just a few of the extracurricular activities and programs that Splendora ISD currently offers.

CTE Program & Early College High School

The CTE Program allows students to gain certifications in various industries, in order to be ready for the workforce upon graduation. Splendora ISD has also recently established an Early College High School, where students can earn college credit, an Associate’s Degree upon graduation, and their Distinguished high school diploma. Certificates available to be earned are, but not limited to,

  • Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
  • Human Services
  • Information Technology
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security
  • Business Management & Administration and more

The CTE Program and Early College High School prepares students for the future whether the work force industry or college is their chosen path. Students will be able to solve problems and handle tasks that may come up in the workforce, and be able to handle the rigorousness and the expectations at a university.

BYOT Initiative

Splendora ISD participates in the Bring Your Own Technology Initiative, where students are able to bring their own technology to their schools, if allowed, and use it as a learning tool. It is a way to expose students to technology on an everyday basis and instill into students the responsibility of using technology.

Teaching at SISD

The starting pay at Splendora ISD is currently $46,000; increases are based on years of experience. Continuing teachers are eligible for an annual raise of $1,650. Incentives are given to those who hold degrees higher than a Bachelor’s and to teachers who teach college credit courses, foreign language, math and science.

Web-Centric ACP

The Web Centric Alternative Certification Program is an alternative route to gaining your Texas Teacher’s Certification. Many people who decide upon a teacher career usually do so after they graduate, which is why many people often turn to the WCACP. The WCACP is an online based program that helps you gain the basic tools you need to become a successful classroom teacher

Consider the Web Centric Alternative Certification Program for your certification needs. You can become certified to teach in the state of Texas using this online ACP program.

Splendora ISD is doing all they can to make sure their students are stimulated, challenged, responsible, and adequately prepared for their future. If you want to learn more about the district and what they can offer you as a potential teacher, visit their site at