Eagle Pass ISD in Texas - Region 20

Eagle Pass ISD is located in Maverick County with a total of 24 schools. Currently, the district educates over 15,000 students with over 900 teachers. The district is made up of 4 early education schools, 15 elementary schools, 4 secondary schools (2 junior high schools and 2 high schools), and 1 day care center. The student teacher ratio for the school year was 16:1.

Eagle Pass ISD’s mission is to give students a high quality education that will prepare them for the future. Some of the steps they have taken is investing in their Career and Technology Education Program, dual credit and AP courses, plus technology, providing above state level salaries and more.

Like any other district, Eagle Pass ISD offers Career and Technology Education, dual credit, and AP courses to students who want to pursue the work industry after graduation or seek to attend college or university. Students will be able to earn certifications and / or gain skills through the CTE program in fields such as:

  • Cosmetology
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Education and Training
  • Health Science and more

The dual credit courses will help students gain college credit while simultaneously earning their college degree. AP courses will help students gain a head start in college through earning college credit through examinations in subjects such as English, STEM courses and more.

Eagle Pass ISD has invested over $4,600,000 in technology expenditures. To keep classrooms updated on the latest technology, the district has placed 21st century technology in classrooms of all grade levels. Teachers will have access to interactive whiteboards, laptop computers, document cameras, Polevault control systems and more. The district has also invested in high-speed broadband internet that can be accessed on campus and in classrooms. Plus, the district has ensured that students have adequate access to computers where there is one computer for every three students, and each teacher has access to their own computer.

The technology invested will help make lesson planning and instruction easier, interactive, and customizable. It will also help students learn how to use technology as an educational and research tools. This will especially benefit students who don’t have access to technology at home.

For the 2014 - 2015 school year, Eagle Pass ISD offered their teachers and staff a pay scale of $39,000 - $50,400. Stipends were offered to teachers who held a master's / doctorate degree or held professional support positions such as Auditory / Visually impaired teacher, ROTC, Special Ed, etc. The pay scale for the 2014 - 2015 school year was higher than that of the state, which was at a range of $27,540 - $44,620.

These investments are a few ways Eagle Pass ISD is working to impact the lives of students.

Eagle Pass ISD is taking steps to ensure the success of their students. To learn more about the district and what you can do as an EPISD teacher visit them at www.eaglepassisd.net 

Online Teacher Certification

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