Palestine ISD

Located in Palestine, Texas, Palestine ISD has a student population of about 3,289 students who come from various cultural backgrounds. The different ethnicities on campus include Anglo, Hispanic, African American, Asian/Pacific Islander, and Native American backgrounds.

Currently the district has 6 schools which includes:

  • Washington Early Childhood Center (Pre K)
  • Northside Primary School (K – 1st)
  • Southside Elementary School (2nd – 3rd)
  • Story Intermediate School (4th – 6th)
  • Palestine Junior High School (7th – 8th)
  • Palestine High School (9th – 12th)

All schools have achieved an Accountability Rating of “Met Standards” from the district. Palestine High School has received recognition for academic achievement in mathematics, and Palestine Junior High School has received recognition for academic achievement in Reading/ELA and top 25% student progress.


The teaching staff of PISD has 252 teachers, with a student teacher ratio of 13:1. For the 2014 -2015 school year, teachers made between $32, 515 – $51,965. Professional development of teachers is one of the top priorities among Palestine ISD; they offer training opportunities that include training for GT, ESL, technology, Special Education Modifications, and more.


Depending on the school, students are issued IPADs, courtesy of the district, to use at home and at school as a tool to complete assignments, study, and for other educational uses. Teachers are highly encouraged to integrate technology into their lessons. Palestine ISD believes that the integration of technology into student’s lives will make learning easier, more effective, and prepare them for post secondary life.

Programs and Extracurricular Activities

The district encourages students to explore their interests outside of academics. For their creative interests, schools in Palestine ISD have clubs and organizations such as Art Club, band, theatre, Piano club and more. Palestine ISD holds events such as their Short Film Festival for the students to show off their work and talents. For students who have more of an athletic interest, the schools offers sport organizations such as cheerleading, soccer, football, powerliftng, basketball, baseball and more. Students who are natural born leaders have organizations such as Junior Youth and Government, Youth and Government, and National Honor Society.

The programs at Palestine ISD have achieved many achievements in competitions and tournaments. Recently, the Palestine ISD Career and Technical Center won a silver medal and blue ribbons for Skills USA. Art students from the district got invited to the state for their art to compete with other student artists around the state. The Palestine Wild Cat Choir will also be heading to a State Competition in May 2015. The programs have also given students opportunities to travel to places such as New York and Rome as a way to enrich minds and broaden horizons.

Wild Cat University

Palestine ISD ensures that their students have the opportunity to continue their college education. Students may take dual credit courses through Trinity Valley Community College and have the opportunity to earn at least 24 dual credit hours upon graduation. In the fall 2012 semester a total of 112 students were enrolled in dual credit courses and earned over 900 credit hours.

Web-Centric Alternative Certification Program

Palestine ISD is always looking for teachers to join their mission in helping their students achieve academic success. To join the Palestine ISD family as a teacher, you can gain your Texas teacher’s certification through our Web Centric Alternative Certification Program. Our online based program will help you start your teacher career.

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