Region 4 - Tomball Independent School District

Tomball ISD was established in 1937, and currently educates over 12,000 students. It is spread throughout northwest Harris County and southwest Montgomery County. They have 10 Pre-K – 4th grade elementary schools, 6 elementary/intermediate schools for 5th – 6th graders, and 5 High Schools for 7th – 12th graders. Three of these schools just opened, and the district is also planning to open up a new school for 6th- 8th for the 2016-2017 school year, under the name Creekside Park Junior High School. It is a TEA recognized district, and would be a great district for any teacher to start their teaching career.


Tomball ISD has a diverse student body which consists of 57.5% of Anglo background; 29.1% Hispanic; 4.6% African American; 5.4% Asian; 2.98% two or more races; 0.3% American Indian; 0.07% Pacific Islander. Around twenty-three percent of these students are economically disadvantaged.

Teaching at Tomball ISD

The district has over 900 members of their professional staff and 301 of their paraprofessional staff. The starting teacher salary at Tomball ISD is $50,000.

TISD believes in the professional development of its staff, especially new teachers and principals. New teachers will be mentored to improve their skills in classroom management, instruction, curriculum, school and operations, test preparation and administration, state standards, parent relations, and interactions with other teachers.

Accelerated and AP Programs

Tomball ISD’s Accelerated and AP programs are designed to challenge students who show advanced critical thinking and problem solving skills, shows an in depth interest in their studies, and who tends to academically perform at a high level in comparison to their other peers. Students are highly encouraged to take Pre-AP and AP classes as it will benefit them in their collegiate and career endeavors. Encouragement for Pre-AP classes start in 6th grade to prepare students for the rigorousness of AP courses, and for PSAT and SAT testing. AP/GT courses are offered in the following courses: English, social studies, computer science, mathematics, sciences, languages outside of English, music theory, and art.

Bilingual Program

Tomball ISD has implemented the Language Acquisition Model, One-Way Dual Language Program, which is designed for Spanish-speaking students, where lessons in English and Spanish will be taught at equal value. Schools where this program is held include Tomball Intermediate, Rosehill Elementary, Decker Prairie Elementary, Tomball Elementary, and Canyon Pointe Elementary.

Classroom Technology

All core classrooms in the district are equipped with SMART Boards, SMART Airliner, ceiling-mounted projector, document camera, web camera, and a SMART Response System. They also provide students with a home access center to check their grades and assignments. Tomball ISD also provide Google Apps for teachers and students to help enhance the students’ learning experience.

Parental Involvement

Tomball ISD believes in parents being one of the main keys in a student’s success. They have held summits for parents that covered topics that are highly important in the student’s lives. They also have events for both the community and the school that parents are highly encouraged to attend.

Teacher Certification

For those who are considering gaining their teaching certification, you may want to consider obtaining your certification through our Web-Centric Alternative Certification Program. All coursework is conducted online and can be completed from home.

Visit Tomball ISD website at to learn more about the district and what it can do for your career as a teacher.