Region 4 - Channelview Independent School District

About Channelview ISD

Channelview Independent School District (ISD) has been a quality school system in eastern Texas since 1937. Located in the unincorporated area of Channelview, TX, fifteen miles east of Houston, the district’s eleven school campuses, including one pre-kindergarten facility, four primary schools, three elementary schools, one junior high, one senior high, and two alternative schools provide quality education for approximately 8,000 students. A new ninth grade facility is currently under construction, and plans are being developed for building additional campuses to accommodate the growing student population.

Nine of Channelview ISD’s twelve campuses received ratings of “academically acceptable” or “academically recognized” in the year 2007. In order to increase learning opportunities for children of all backgrounds and interests, Channelview ISD offers a wide variety of educational programs, including special education, classes in English as a Second Language, bilingual courses, gifted and talented programs, and advanced placement classes.

Teaching in Channelview ISD
As the district continues to grow, Channelview ISD has an increasing need for quality teachers. If you would like to join the school system in becoming “actively engaged in the future of our community,” consider becoming a teacher in Channelview ISD. The atmosphere of this school district is appealing to teachers and parents because, unlike many districts in the urban Houston area, Channelview ISD has a “small-town” feel. New teachers earn a starting salary of $43,000 per year and have the opportunity for regular pay increases with increased experience.

Like many schools in Texas and across the country, Channelview ISD has an increasing need for bilingual teachers or teachers with Spanish-speaking abilities. Special education teachers, math teachers, and science teachers are also in great demand.
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Route to becoming a teacher:

If you are interested in joining the more than 900 quality educators in Channelview ISD but do not have a teaching license, an alternative certification program can guide you through the process of becoming properly certified. One such program, the Web-Centric Alternative Certification Program (WCACP), offers opportunities for future teachers to earn teaching certificates to teach in Channelview ISD or any other school system in Texas.

WCACP is an online teaching certification program that allows future educators to begin the process of obtaining their teaching licenses from the comfort of their own homes. The program is designed for students to work at their own pace. Those who devote full-time effort to the courses can finish the pre-teaching coursework in 6-12 weeks, while others may choose to work a regular job and complete the coursework more slowly. At the end of the online portion of the program, or possibly concurrently with these classes, students participate in a one year teaching internship that serves as the last step toward receiving their certification.

Candidates accepted into the WCACP must have a bachelor’s degree with at least a 2.5 G.P.A. in any academic field of study from an accredited college or university. This program, conducted entirely online, incorporates chat sessions and videoconferencing into the curriculum. This interaction enables students to experience the same benefits from personal relationships with classmates and professors that students in traditional programs enjoy. Group projects also help students learn to develop critical collaboration skills that will be vital to a successful career in the classroom.

For a low cost, future elementary, middle, or high school teachers will soon be prepared to teach in Channelview ISD or any other school system in the great state of Texas. For more information about the WCACP, along with an online application, see the link below.