Admission Process

The admissions phase is the first step to enrolling into an online program. An applicant fills out an online application in order to apply for certification. General information is collected to properly review each candidate. Typically, a candidate will choose one certification area to pursue (i.e., Math 7-12), but sometimes are granted approval for multiple content areas.

The major admission standards an applicant must meet in Texas is to possess a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university and a GPA that is 2.50 or higher. The overall or last 60 GPA hours must be 2.50 or higher. Otherwise, additional certification requirements may be necessary when your GPA falls below 2.50.

If the applicant is a graduating senior in the last semester of coursework at a college, they may qualify for contingency admission status. This allows an applicant to start a program while they are finishing a Bachelor’s degree. Contingency status cannot be extended if the applicant fails to obtain a conferred Bachelor’s degree.

The admission process will also include several credential items that are needed. Most important is to send in an official conferred transcript and supporting transcripts for transfer credits. Other items needed may include professional references, writing samples, online teacher assessments, and interviews.

An acceptance letter will be issued once a candidate’s approval is complete.

Your first step is to submit an online application. It's free to apply and there is no obligation, so take that first step toward obtaining your Texas teacher certification.