This route to certification is a one year (two semesters) internship you can complete at an Independent School District, TEA recognized private school, charter school, or head start program in the state of Texas.

This certification option will allow you to earn income, while working on requirements to become certified in 12 short months. During the internship period, you will receive a base salary and benefits of a first year teacher.

The main hiring season for teachers typically runs between April and September each year. This is the time when schools are trying to hire new teachers for growth positions and to fill open teaching positions that have become open due to transfers or retirements. Additional teacher hiring in all content areas does occur throughout the school year.

The online curriculum will allow you to transition into the classroom and not be burdened with attending weekly face to face meetings after school. You can continue working on program requirements at a time of your convenience during your internship.

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