Low GPA Exemption for a Texas Teacher Certification

WCACP is able to accept a limited number of applicants each year that have a GPA below 2.50 on their college transcripts.

To be considered for a Low GPA Exemption Texas teacher certification, you must first submit an Online Application. You will then be directed to our online portal which will give you detailed admission instructions.

Once your admission paperwork has been received, we can give you feedback about your GPA. If it falls below 2.50, you will need a Low GPA Exemption to enter the program.

To Qualify for a Low GPA Exemption you must:

> Pass your TX PACT exam. Supplemental areas such as Bilingual, ESL and BTLPT will not qualify as a content area. (certification areas accepted) and

> Document one year of experience in a related field on your Low GPA Letter.

NOTE: If you are selecting Special Ed EC-12, this certification area will require passing scores from Special Ed EC-12, along with passing scores from an additional content area. Core Subjects 4-8 or Core Subjects EC-6 are the recommended tests to accompany Special Ed. 

How to test: PACT testing Instructions

Start-up fee for a Low GPA Exemption is $400. Program discounts do not apply.

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