Length of Texas Teacher Certification Program

How Long is the Certification Program?

The length of time needed to become a certified teacher in Texas will largely depend upon which field experience option you choose. Detailed below are your field experience options. You would only complete one field experience type to become certified. You choose which option.

Field Experience Option Compensation Interview/Placement Process  Field Experience Length
Internship Teacher Pay and Benefits Candidate interviews for open teaching positions 12 months
Clinical Teaching Unpaid Assignment Program places candidate into school 14 weeks (70 instructional days)

Once enrolled in the program, you can choose from two program speeds: accelerated route (14 weeks - 70 instructional days) or pick a traditional route. A Program Specialist will help guide you through the certification process.

Curriculum/Training Involved

The online curriculum is self-paced within the calendar of program activities for your certification path, which allows you to complete the modules at your desired speed. A virtual instructor is assigned to each module, which allows you to receive timely feedback regarding coursework you submit.

The first two modules are designed to be completed before you enter the classroom. The information covered in these sections is essential to your success in the classroom.

You will complete online curriculum regardless of which field experience option you choose.

Technology Requirements

To complete the online curriculum and classes during the program, you will need access to a computer that can download Microsoft Word and PDF documents. A DSL or cable modem is preferred, but not required.

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