Hands On eLearning Online School

A Project-Based Learning (PBL) approach to education.

Children have natural curiosities about the world around them. They learn to love education through learning activities relevant to their world. The age-appropriate creative engagement of skills interwoven with topics that grab a child’s attention and engage their mind, is our goal.

Education of our children has become a cookie cutter approach. The curriculum is presented on a timetable, consisting of students on the same page, studying the same concept, at the same time.

It is important to engage students in a 21st century method. Hands On eLearning knows how to immerse your child in their learning.

The goal is for students to learn in a positive exciting new way by sparking their interest, engagement, and deep involvement in units of study with age-appropriate skills embedded in the topic. We believe a child should be excited about their learning.

Children of all ages find excitement in project-based learning. The engagement of students, through interesting topics allows for deep learning.

Project-based learning engages students through the following attributes.

  • Allows for students to explore real-world issues
  • Provides a balance of freedom and structure – voice and choice
  • Engages students as active participants in authentic learning experiences
  • Provides intellectual challenge that promotes creative thinking, higher-level thinking, and problem-solving skills
  • Builds on prior knowledge to bridge present and future learning

Hands On eLearning founders have spent long careers in EC-12 education. When in the classroom, they taught through a learner-centered hands-on approach. Throughout their years of experience in education, they have applied the learner-centered hands on methods for all levels of EC-12 students effectively.


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