Huntsville ISD

Huntsville ISD works hard to ensure the success of their students. With 6,300 students in 8 campuses, the district has made available a variety of programs and resources to help ensure the success of their students.

Successful Figures

Their attendance rate of 96.4 percent has exceeded that of the state at a 95.9 percent. Their 4 year graduation rate has also exceeded that of the state at a 91.0 percent. Around eighty-eight percent of their students are graduating on the Recommended or Distinguished High School Program. All of their schools have received a rating of “Met Standard” by the Texas Education Agency.

Partnerships and Programs

Huntsville ISD has made an array of partnerships within the community to assist them in their goal of ensuring their students’ success. One partnership is with the AT&T Company in their Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) initiative for Mance Park Middle School and Huntsville High School. The initiative allows students to use their own digital devices as a learning tool. With AT&T’s help, families who won’t normally able to afford such devices and data plans, will be able to allow their child to participate in the program due to AT&T’s offer of discounts on devices and data plans.

Another partnership that has benefited students is with the Sam Houston State University Electronics department. The program has allowed high school students who are involved electronics and robotics programs to be introduced to High Schools United with NASA to Create Hardware Program (HUNCH), which gives students a chance to be NASA certified.

They even have a Cosmetology program to help students learn the skills needed to be a licensed cosmetologist. They will receive in class lectures and hands on practice, including salon services, to prepare candidates for both the written and practical portion of the state cosmetology exam.

These partnerships and programs are just a piece of what Huntsville ISD has created in order to better serve their students and solidify their future success.


Another initiative for their mission is to hire quality teachers and ensure that the district is a great place for their teaching career to flourish. Magnolia ISD is constantly looking for ways for their teachers to grow and make a consistent effort to train their teachers. Third and fourth grade teachers alone have attended more than 500 hours of professional development.

Huntsville ISD has even been praised by a Plato Education Consultant for staffing the HHS Focus/ Plato Program with a qualified and excellent team of teachers and staff. Their teaching salary ranges from $39,000 – 49,750 depending on experience. If you possess certain critical need certifications you may be eligible for a special stipend.

Huntsville ISD is dedicated to the success of their students and is using their resources to provide students with the teachers, programs, and other things they need to face and succeed in life after high school. Visit the district at to learn more about the district, its schools, and other useful information.


Huntsville ISD is always looking for teachers to join their mission in helping their students. If you are thinking about a career change into the teaching field, but don’t know how to do it, then you may want the visit the Web Centric Alternative Certification Program. The program is fast paced and will be the perfect start to your teaching career. To be eligible you must have a 2.5 GPA and already have obtained your Bachelor’s degree.