Southside ISD in Texas - Region 20

Southside ISD is home to 1 primary School, 3 elementary schools, 1 intermediate school, 1 middle school, and 2 high schools. The district seeks to challenge its students with the integration of technology into their everyday lessons. They also aim to provide their students with the skills and knowledge that will be useful for their collegiate and career goals, while providing a safe and stable environment. In order to achieve this, they have set in place a set of "strategic goals."

Technology and Innovation

One of their goals is to have a state-of the art technological infrastructure and to integrate this technology into everyday learning. Southside ISD has incorporated technology into their schools where students, regardless of economic background, can have access to some form of technology. Computers have been installed in libraries, and media centers have been formed where students can research, complete assignments, or access the many apps and software that the district provides for student use. Another way the district has used technology as a tool for students is by providing them with the option of taking virtual classes. The district seeks to have every student take at least two virtual courses. These virtual classes are meant to help students prepare for online college classes. Plus, students who are enrolled can be issued a netbook to use during their enrollment.

They also aim to provide their staff with staff development workshops, so that teachers can sharpen their teaching and class management skills and learn new ways to engage their students. Southside ISD has invested into the PD 360 online program where teachers can continuously and efficiently receive professional development training that caters to their individual and professional needs.

In addition to offering teachers quality staff development, Southside ISD also offers them a competitive pay rate. For the 2014 - 2015 school year, Southside’s teaching salary will range from $50,500 to $62,475. There’s an additional stipend for teachers who hold degrees beyond a bachelors; $1,500 for master's and $1,000 for doctorate.

Post-Secondary Plans

Another part of their strategic goals is for students to learn and gain skills that will be useful in their post-secondary education and for various careers in the work industry. The district has an Earl College High School Program that allows students to earn up to 60 college hours along with their high school diploma. The program is in partnership with Palo Alto College and Alamo Colleges, and it challenges and stimulates the students as a college classroom would.

As a prerequisite, students have to take part in the AVID program. The AVID Program teaches students successfully proven skills and strategies that will help them understand and master subjects, and it shows them a new way of critical thinking and problem solving. Additionally, Southside ISD’s Career and Technology Education Program allows students to learn and gain skills in their interested career field. They have various courses under career clusters such as:

  • Design
  • Web
  • Photography
  • Business
  • Education
  • Video and more

This is just a glimmer of the strategic goals that Southside ISD has set in order to create a school system and curriculum that will guide students into a successful future.

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