Region 6 - Bryan ISD

Overview of Bryan ISD

Bryan Independent School District (ISD) covers 453 square miles in eastern Texas and serves approximately 14,700 students in 26 school campuses. Of these children, around 50% are in elementary school, 23% are in middle school, and 27% are in high school. Ethnically, approximately 46% of students are of Hispanic origin, 28.5% are Caucasian, and 24% are African American.

Bryan ISD has received both state and national recognition for its students’ academic success. In 2005 Bryan High School students scored above the state average on the SAT. Also, under the Texas Education Agency’s annual Academic Excellent Indicator System, six schools in Bryan ISD received a “recognized” rating, and one school even received “exemplary” status. The National Blue Ribbon has also been awarded to two of the district’s elementary schools.

Despite these successes, teachers in Bryan ISD continue to look for ways to help their students improve. In the 2004-05 school year, 82% of third graders passed all portions of the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS). Unfortunately, these numbers decrease with every grade level. Only 36% of tenth graders passed every section. Still, the higher passing rate for younger children is an encouraging sign that may indicate that they are now receiving a stronger educational foundation that will help them perform better in the years to come.

Teaching in Bryan ISD

With approximately 2,000 employees, including 1,015 teachers, and a monthly payroll of $4.5 million, Bryan ISD is the biggest employer in the city of Bryan. One reason that the school district is such a popular employer is that its administration cares about the overall mental, physical, and emotional well-being of its staff. These leaders recognize that strong teachers provide the most effective education for their students. In an effort to encourage teachers to continue improving themselves intellectually, Bryan ISD offers the Tuition Reimbursement Incentive Program (TRIP), which reimburses a portion of teachers’ educational costs when they take courses through an accredited college or university. Teachers in Bryan ISD can also focus on their physical wellness because they receive discount memberships at a few local fitness centers and free admission into the Bryan Aquatic Center BeFit, the Bryan Employees Fitness Program, offers teachers health screenings and useful information about fitness and healthy eating habits. Finally, the administration provides for teachers’ emotional health through the Employee Assistance Program, which helps teachers and their immediate families during times when they are dealing with difficult personal problems.

Both the need for quality teachers and the benefits that these employees receive make Bryan ISD an attractive place to work. New teachers earn a starting salary of $36,050. Several positions are currently available, especially for bilingual persons and Spanish teachers. For more information about teaching in Bryan ISD, including an online application for employment, please visit the following website:

Alternative Certification Programs

For those who are interested in teaching in Bryan ISD or any other Texas school district, a number of options are available to help them earn their certification. One such program is the Web-Centric Alternative Certification Program (WCACP), an online program that helps future teachers earn their teaching licenses from the comfort and convenience of their own homes. This program enables future teachers to complete the academic course requirements necessary for certification without having to return to a traditional college or university.

The program is especially ideal for people with full-time jobs or family commitments because it allows them to work at their own pace. The core curriculum for the program can be completed in as little as 3-4 months. The curriculum will consist of a mixture of journal/upload assignments, chat classes, and videoconferencing sessions using flash based technology.

If you have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university you may be a candidate for admission in the WCACP.