Region 6 Bellville ISD

Bellville ISD is located in Bellville, Texas which resides between Houston and Austin, TX, with the former being the closest city. Per their mission statement, Bellville ISD seeks to give their students a well rounded education that will help them achieve success regardless of the career and educational path they take.

The district is made up of 5 schools including the following:

  • West End Elementary
  • O’Bryant Intermediate School
  • O’Bryant Primary School
  • Bellville Junior High School
  • Bellville High School

Student Population

There are about 2,100 students attending Bellville ISD, where 58.9% are of Anglo background; 27.3% Hispanic; 10.7% African American; 2.6% two or more races. As of 2012 the graduation rate at Bellville Highs School was 96.30%.

College/Career Readiness and SAT/ACT

Bellville ISD high school students are above the state average for the SAT (1422) and ACT (20.6) scores, with an SAT scoring average of 1479 and an ACT score of 21.9. For the class of 2013 61% of students were considered College Ready Graduates in both English language arts and mathematics.

Students benefit from BISD’s Career Technology Education in many ways, whether they plan to enter into the work force after graduation or seek to pursue higher education. They can receive dual credit and explore more into their career and major interest, in preparation for higher education. They can also earn certifications and learn the skills needed to be ready to enter the workforce.

Some of the career clusters they offer include:

  • Marketing
  • Animation
  • Graphic Design
  • Multimedia
  • Information Technology
  • Family and Consumer Science
  • Auto Tech
  • Professional Communication


Many districts in the state of Texas are taking the steps in investing into technology that can be used to enhance the classroom experience and be used as an additional learning tool for students. Bellville ISD has upgraded their classrooms with 21st Century technology. Classrooms are equipped with Smart Boards and document cameras. The district encourages the use of iPads, laptops, Chromebooks, desktops and other forms of technology as everyday tools and resources for students.

The total number of staff among Bellville ISD is around 308; with 195 of these employees being teachers. Around 44 of their teachers are either beginning teachers or have 1-5 years of teaching experience. The average experience of teachers in the district is 14.5, which is higher than the state average of 11.2. The salary of BISD teachers ranges from $34,000 - $51,500, depending on experience. The average classroom size is about 14 students per teacher.


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Bellville ISD seeks to mold students into well rounded learners, hard workers, and respectable citizens. If you want to join the Bellville ISD family in molding tomorrow’s leaders, then visit the district website at to learn more about the district, its schools, and how to become a future Bellville ISD teacher.