Klein Independent School District | Klein ISD

Klein ISD is a TEA accredited district that has educated students since 1928. They invest much into programs, technology, and their teachers to ensure that students receive the education that they need, and that teachers receive the support that they need.


Klein ISD serves a very diverse student population consisting of 38.16% of the study body being of Hispanic origin; 36.20% Anglo; 13.92% African American; 8.39% Asian American; 2.84% of two or more races; 0.38% American Indian; 0.11% Pacific Islander. In the 2013-2014 school year, approximately 48,200 students attended a school in Klein ISD, with a pupil per teacher ration being 20-25:1.

Their drop-out rate (grades 7-8) is currently at a 0.1%, and their graduation rate is currently at a 91.9%.

Teaching at Klein and Professional Development

In the 2014-2015 school year, teachers who held a Bachelor’s degree obtained a salary of $50,000-$67,000+. Klein ISD allows WCACP candidates to complete either a 1-year teaching intern or perform 13 weeks of clinical teaching in the classroom.

For the professional development of new teachers, Klein has implemented three programs that will ensure that teachers have the support and mentoring that they need: the Beginning Teacher Induction and Mentoring Program, New Teacher Orientation and Induction Program, and the Instructional Specialist Program. As a beginning teacher at Klein, you will receive a three year period of systematic training. You will also be able to network with teachers new and old, to build the support that you will need as a new teacher.


Klein ISD students have excelled in mastering the STAAR; 86% of 3rd -8th graders passed the Reading; 76.5%of 4th and 7th graders passed the writing; 81.5% of 5th and 8th graders passed Science; 72% of 8th graders passed Social Studies. For STAAR End of Course, 87% of students passed Algebra I; 95% Biology; 95% US History; 76% English I; 79% English II.

College Admissions

Klein high school students on average, obtained impressive scores on the SAT (as of October 2014); 502 Critical Reading; 5212 Mathematics; 480 Writing. On their ACT scores, the class of 2013 scored on average 22.4.


Klein ISD offers distance and online learning option for students. The coursework is made to be as innovative and interactive as their classroom. Students are provided with a counselor and mentor support to ensure they are as successful as they would be in a traditional classroom.

The Career and Technical Education Program allows students to take educational courses that will give them a jump start in their collegiate and professional careers. Students have the choice of taking advanced courses for credit or taking classes at the CTE International Academy, where students can learn more about global culture, marketing, finance, accounting, and more.

Advanced Academic Services

The Advanced Academic Services programs help students who are interested in college and looking to get a head start in completing credits. The courses taken will prepare them for the demands of college. Students have the chance to take AP and GT classes, earn dual credit, earn an International Baccalaureate degree, and/or participate in the AVID (Advanced via Individual Determination) Program.

To learn more about Klein ISD, visit their website at www.kleinisd.net

Web-Centric ACP

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