Region 10 - Irving ISD

Irving ISD is located in Irving, Texas and spreads across 613 acres.  It consists of 36 schools which include three early childhood schools (Pre-K), 20 elementary schools (K-5), 8 middle schools (6-8), and 5 high schools (9-12). It also has other educational and support facilities including:

•  Secondary Reassignment Center   
•  Administrative Annex
•  Wheeler Transitional and Development Center    
•  Facilities Services Center
•  Ratteree Career Development Center    
•  Food and Nutrition
•  Newcomer Academy    
•  Hands-on Science Center
•  The Outdoor Learning Center    
•  Irving Schools Stadium
•  Administrative Building    
•  Special Education Annex

The district has received a “Met Standard Rating” from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) for all 33 campus. It has also received the highest ranking on the TEA’s accountability system and 36 Distinctions Designations for high academic performance in all areas of the STAAR exam.  


The district currently instructs over 35,000 students, where 72% are of Hispanic heritage, 13% African American, 9.2 % White, 3.3% Asian, 1.3% American Indian, 0.1% Pacific Islander, 1.1% two or more races.  The graduation rate for the Class of 2016 was 94%, and over 67% of the class was considered “college and career ready graduates.” The average SAT score for the Class of 2016 was 1,228, and the average ACT score was 16.4. One point of pride for students of Irving ISD came about in 2015, where $22.5 million in scholarships were awarded to students.  Plus, 136 scholars earned scholarships from the Irving Schools Foundation.  


There are over 2,300 teachers employed by Irving ISD. The average teaching experience is 8.1 years, and the average experience with the district is around 6 years. The current student – teacher ratio is 15:2. For the 2016–2017 school year the beginning salary for teachers with a bachelor’s was $52,000.  


Irving ISD has invested around $1,200 per pupil for technology that will enhance the classroom and learning experience. The district has financed a 1:1 laptop initiative where each student will have access to a laptop during school hours and / or at home, depending on the campus. They have also provided each teacher access to a laptop, data projector, and printer or networked copier. Other investments include

•  Network user accounts for parents, students, and teachers
•  Internet access at schools
•  STEM Curriculum
•  Instructional Software
•  Campus – wide broadcasting and more

In 2016, the Center for Digital Education named Irving ISD one of the “Top Digital Districts” for integrating the latest technology into the district and the classroom.  

Irving Schools Foundation

The Irving Schools Foundation was formed to support the students and teachers of Irving ISD. Funds are raised through donations and events held by the foundation. The foundation uses the funds to endow scholarships for teachers and students, grants for innovative programs and teachers, and more.

District of Innovation

In 2017, Irving ISD decided to explore becoming a District of Innovation. The process to form the district of innovation is ongoing and involves several steps with board members and the community.
This is a concept developed by the Texas Legislature that gives school districts some of the same flexibilities as an open enrollment charter school. Many of the medium to large school districts in Texas are currently exploring becoming a District of Innovation. Some possible changes include:

•  School start date
•  Class sizes ratio
•  Teacher certification
•  Teacher contracts
•  Teacher benefits
•  Teacher appraisal system
•  Minimum minutes of instruction
•  90% attendance rule

Partners in Education

Irving ISD has partnered up with many businesses and organizations in the community that devote some of their time, resources, and people to the schools.   Partners of the district have served as mentors and classroom speakers, provide internship opportunities, host charity drives and more. Some of their partners include:

•  Big Brother Big Sister
•  Texas Tech University
•  State Farm
•  Microsoft
•  Irving Health Center


Dr. Jose L. Parra has 27 years of experience in education and has served as Irving ISD’s superintendent since January 2014. He has worked for six Texas school districts as a high school English teacher, administrator, assistant superintendent, and Lockhart ISD’s superintendent. He attended the University of Texas at San Antonio, where he received his bachelor’s and master’ in English. He received his doctorate in education administration from Columbia University in New York. He has also earned an administrative certification from Trinity University in San Antonio.

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