Longview ISD

Longview ISD has around 8,600 students under their instruction. It has a diverse student population who are encouraged to achieve excellence inside and outside of the classroom. The district has 12 campuses which include 7 elementary schools, 1 magnet school, 2 middle schools, 1 high school, and 1 academy. They are rated academically acceptable by the Texas Education Agency. Additionally, Hudson PEP has received Exemplary status for the past 10 years and was named one of the best elementary schools in Texas.

The district’s attendance rate is at a 95.4% and their graduation rate at an 88.4%. The district hosts many exemplary programs that prepare students for post secondary life as soon as early child hood. Along with the program, they hire and retain teachers that are more than well equip to teach these programs.

To prepare students for post secondary education, the district offers programs to students such as the International Baccalaureate Program, the Montessori Program, and the dual credit program.

The Montessori Program challenges students in early childhood and elementary who exhibits eagerness to learn and often seeks knowledge. The program is led by trained Montessori teachers and seeks to explore the student’s independence, their freedom within limits, and their physical, psychological and social development.

The International Baccalaureate Program is offered to ages 16-19 and is accepted by many universities worldwide. The rigorousness and workload of the program challenges students and exposes them to subject groups such as:

    • Studies in Language Literature
    • Language Acquisition
    • Individuals and Societies
    • Experimental Sciences
    • Mathematics
    • The Arts

The Career Technology and Education Program prepares students who are headed to college and want to be prepared for the workforce. Students are able to explore further into their chosen career interest and gain certification in a variety of career fields. The career clusters offered to students are:

    • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Advanced Mathematics
    • Arts and Humanities
    • Public Services
    • Multidisciplinary Studies
    • Business and Industry.

Including these classes, students can join organizations to network with other students with interests in the same field of study such as:

    • National Technical Honor Society
    • Technology Students of America
    • Skills USA
    • Health Occupations Students of America
    • Future Farmers of America and more

Overall, the district ensures every student from early childhood to senior is prepared for whatever lies ahead. Through these programs students are challenged and developed to think critically, work harder, and be a responsible citizen.

Teaching at Longview ISD

Longview ISD’s 2013-2014 teaching salary, ranged from $40,280 – $51,120. The rate of pay depends on the experience of the teacher. Stipends of $1,000 - $4,000 were given to teachers who have the following certifications or degrees including:

    • Bilingual
    • ESL
    • Speech Therapist
    • Master’s Degree
    • Doctorate

There are around 550 teachers on staff, making the student teacher ratio about 15:1. The average year of teaching experience is 10.0.


If you want to be a part of preparing Longview ISD students for the future, you can start by gaining your Texas teacher’s certification through our Web Centric Alternative Certification Program. With its online based curriculum and ability to be done at your pace, you will be able to quickly gain your certification and start your teaching career.

Longview ISD is equipped with schools, programs, and teachers that help student prepare for their future. Visit the district at www.lisd.org to learn more about the district’s schools, the curriculum, and more.