Region 10 - Lovejoy ISD

Lovejoy ISD is a part of Collin County and is located 25 miles north of Dallas, Texas. It occupies 17 square miles with three elementary schools, one intermediate school, one middle school, and one high school.  It educates over 4,000 students from the communities of Fairview, Lucas, and parts of Allen. 


Students of Lovejoy ISD tend to surpass the region and state’s percentage rates in attendance, graduation rate, exams and more. As of the 2016–2017 school year, Lovejoy ISD’s attendance rate is 96%, and their graduation rate is 99.6%. For the Class of 2016, 84% of college graduates were considered “college - ready graduates” in both English language arts and mathematics. The average SAT score for the same class was 1,666, and the average ACT score was 25.6.  

There are approximately 4,053 students currently enrolled in Lovejoy ISD schools. The ethnicity breakdown of students consists of:

•    African American – 2.4% (96)
•    American Indian - .7% (29)
•    Asian – 6.3% (255)
•    Hispanic – 7.9% (322)
•    White – 78.2 (3,172)
•    Two or more races – 4.4% (179)


There are nearly 300 teachers employed by Lovejoy ISD. The average years of teaching experience is 11.8 years, and the average experience with the district is 4.5 years. The 2016-2017 beginning salary for teachers was $48,000.  Those who held a master’s degree received a stipend of $1,000.  Other stipends ($1,000 - $3,000) were given to those who taught in departments such as bilingual, foreign language, ESL, secondary math or science, and special education. 

There are approximately 297 teachers currently under contract to work at Lovejoy ISD schools. The ethnicity breakdown of teachers consists of:

•    African American – 2% (10)
•    Asian – 3% (9)
•    Hispanic – 2.5% (7)
•    White –  91% (267)
•    Two or more races – 1.4% (4)

Classroom Technology

Every campus and classroom has wireless technology, where students, teachers, and staff can connect to the World Wide Web. For every 2 students there is one computer, and each teacher has access to their own computer. All classes are equipped with data projectors, document cameras, printers, classroom PC and a Hitachi StarBoard. If needed, digital cameras, scanners, video cameras, and digital projectors are available for check out. 

Advanced Academics

Advanced Placement

The AP courses at Lovejoy ISD allows students to take rigorous, college level courses in preparation for higher education. The district offers 34 courses for students to choose from including:

•    Art History
•    Physics I, II, and C
•    Spanish Language and Literature
•    European History
•    Chemistry
•    Macroeconomics

Students will strengthen their critical thinking, writing, problem solving and other skills onto the college level. Plus, students will be able to take AP core courses where Gifted and Talented sections are offered. In order to gain credit, students must take the AP Exam, which is offered in 19 different subject areas.  

AP Capstone

Through a partnership with College Board, Lovejoy is able to offer the AP Capstone, which is an extension of the AP Program. Students will first take an AP Seminar, where they will focus on team work and collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and research. They will then take the AP Research course, where they will do in-depth study and research and will write a 4000-5000-word academic paper. To earn an AP Capstone Diploma, students must earn a score of 3 or higher on the AP Seminar and AP Research Exams plus 4 other AP Exams. To receive an AP Seminar and Research Certificate, students must earn a 3 or higher on the AP Seminar and AP Research Exams.

Career and Technology Education Program

The Career and Technology Education Program at Lovejoy ISD prepares students for higher education and the work force by offering demanding coursework and real world experience. The courses offered include:

•    Accounting
•    Business Management
•    Business Info Management
•    Child Development
•    Health
•    Medical Terminology
•    Sports Medicine

GT Independent Studies

The district offers independent study at the high school level, where students will have a chance to partner up with mentors from the business and professional community to create a product. Students will research their product and present their process and findings. Students will be challenge on their creativity, delivery of presentation, collecting and analyzing data, research skills and more.  

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