Magnolia ISD

Magnolia, TX has been educating students since 1893. Magnolia ISD didn’t become an official district until 1950. Since the beginning, the district has grown and created an impressive profile with their dedication to being “the best district in the state of Texas.” The district encompasses a total of 15 schools including eight elementary schools, two 6th grade junior high schools, two 7thand 8th grade junior high schools, two high schools and one alternative high school. Over 12,500 students attend schools in the district. The district as a whole is recognized and has met standards for the accountability standards set by the district and the community. In the 2013-2014 school year, the district was recognized for Student and Community Engagement.


Students of various ethnic backgrounds are served by the district, including those of Anglo, Hispanic, African American, Native American, Asian, and of multiple backgrounds. Students of Magnolia ISD tend to perform well above the state testing average, including the ACT, SAT, and STAAR.

Students have access to programs that will not only help them meet their educational needs, but prepare them for life after high school. Students who show advanced academic and creative skills or interest in attending college are able to enter in the Advanced Placement and/ or dual credit program. These programs give students the chance to earn college credit while attending high school, giving them a head start in their college careers. Students seeking to start their career out of high school can earn certifications in Auto Tech, Nursing Assistant, Cosmetology, and more through the Career and Technology Education Department. Magnolia ISD is also interested in helping students explore their interest in athletics, agriculture, the fine arts, and more.

With the district’s investment in programs and the educational development of their students, the students have excelled in many competitions and received recognition outside of the school. You have Rodeo Art how Winners, NJROTC competition winners, science fair contestant winners and more.


In order to mold such great students, Magnolia ISD has gone beyond just hiring teachers and staff. They have developed and invested in them. The total number of district staff is around 1,613, with 1,015.5 being campus based staff. The average experience of teachers in their district is approximately 12.9 years. The starting salary for beginning teachers depend on the degrees and certifications earned. For beginning teachers with a bachelor’s degree the starting salary is around $46,000. Beginning teachers who have advanced degrees and certification also start at around $46,000, but are also offered a stipend ranging from $500 - $3,000.

The district has invested time and money into ensuring their staff receives the tools they need to enhance their skills and classroom development. Their professional development department teaches and instills in their teachers learning modules and skills. Professional Development is especially focused on new teachers so that they can build upon the skills gain through their own schooling, so that they may be used successfully for the everyday classroom.


To provide schools with the best educational resources, Magnolia ISD has invested in a wide range of technology from laptops and equipment to software. Teachers, as well as students, are able to keep better track of grades and assignments, gain a new perspective of lesson plans, and gain a more valuable learning experience.


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Magnolia ISD school profile shows how much the district has invested in their students and teachers, and how much they drive their students and staff to achieve the upmost excellence. To learn more about Magnolia ISD visit them at