Region 6 Navasota ISD

Located in Grimes County, Navasota ISD resides 70-75 miles northwest of downtown Houston. Under their tutelage, within 6 campuses, NISD teaches 3,036 students.

The schools in the district include:

  • High Point Elementary
  • Webb Elementary
  • Navasota Intermediate
  • Navasota Junior High
  • Navasota High School
  • W B Bizzell Academy

Their student population is growing just like many other districts in the state. Over the next 10 years, Navasota County’s student population is expected to increase by 600 students; the average growth rate being 1.86%. They also expect a 3,200 increase in the enrollment of students by the 2017 – 2018 school year. They have a very diverse student population with 45.9% of students of Hispanic background; 26.7% White; 24.4% African American; 2.24 of multiple ethnic backgrounds; 0.3% Asian; 0.2% American Indian or Alaska Native.

Student & Community Engagement Performance

As a part of House Bill 5, Navasota ISD has been evaluated for Student & Community Engagement Performance. The purpose of the bill is to ensure schools are adequately preparing students for graduation and post secondary life. They were rated on the following factors

  • Fine arts
  • Wellness and physical education
  • Community and parental involvement
  • The 21st Century Workforce Development program
  • The second language acquisition program
  • The digital learning environment
  • Dropout prevention strategies
  • Educational programs for gifted and talented students
  • The record of the district and each campus regarding compliance with statutory reporting requirements.

On each category, each campus received a rating of acceptable or higher.

STAAR Performance and Graduation Rates

Due to low performance rates on STAAR, the Accountability Rating for Navasota ISD was “Improvement Required” for 2014. Schools within the district have different STAAR performance rates. Some schools have met, came close and/ or exceeded the state’s STAAR performance rates; others fell significantly below the line. On the plus, those who fell below the line have improved their pass ratings in some subjects. As of 2014 Navasota High School is the only school in the district to receive an Accountability Rating of “Met Standard” by the TEA.

The graduation rate and the attendance rate of the district are higher than that of the state, and the dropout rate is lower.


The total number of staff at Navasota ISD is around 389, which includes 274 teachers. About half of their teachers are beginning teachers or have at least 1-5 years of experience. The average experience of teachers in the district is about 6.4 years. The salaries of the district teachers range from $39,000 - $54,300, depending on the experience of the teacher. The ratio of students per teachers is about 13.7:1.

Online Teacher Certification Option

The Navasota ISD faculty and staff make it their goal for students to benefit from the education they receive at NISD. They want to see their students succeed, and they welcome any teacher who wants to see the same. Navasota ISD is an ideal district to teach for if you are looking to make a difference in student’s lives.

In order to qualify for our teacher certification program you must possess a Bachelor’s degree and have at least a 2.50 GPA in your overall or last 60 hours of college coursework.

Navasota ISD is working to ensure the success of every student that walks through their halls. Visit the district at to learn more about the district, its schools, and other information.