Region 10 - DeSoto Independent School District

DeSoto ISD

The DeSoto Independent School District services a small, suburban area 15 miles south of Dallas, including the communities of DeSoto, Glenn Heights and Ovilla. The current enrollment is just over 8,900 students. There are twelve campuses in all: seven elementary schools, three middle schools, one freshman campus, and one high school. Two campuses in DeSoto ISD have an accountability rating of Recognized and nine campuses have a rating of Academically Acceptable by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) for 2007.

The district and community have bonded to develop a system of schooling where all students are expected to graduate with character, intellectual preparedness and personal leadership as outlined in the district’s Portrait of a Graduate (POG). This is an ongoing learning experience with consolidated activities across DeSoto ISD. Each grade level has aspects of the three shared high expectations that every DeSoto graduate will experience. To see the complete POG matrix, visit online at

DeSoto ISD offers a challenging curriculum, designed to prepare students for college and beyond. Through diverse elective courses, students explore areas of personal interest and a wide array of topics.

Teaching in DeSoto ISD

Aside from the outstanding programs and facilities, the district takes great pride in their employees. Always welcoming talented people to teach and support the students, DeSoto ISD attracts, hires, and retains exemplary employees who are caring, competent, and inspiring role models.

The starting salary for first year teachers in DeSoto ISD is currently $43,700 with incredible benefits and incentives. The district pays 100% of the “TRS Active Care 1” health care premium choice for the employee. This is the State of Texas Health Insurance Plan. The Employee Assistance Program is provided at no additional cost for employees/families. The monthly newsletter covers topics such as money management and health issues; as well as counseling, legal and financial advice.

Mentor programs are available to ensure that new employees have a smooth transition to the district. There is also additional training offered by Region 10 Educational Service Center that gives first year employees up-to-date information on current trends in education.

Employee incentives are provided by DeSoto ISD to celebrate employees’ hard work and dedication. A stipend for longevity is offered to employees who complete five or more years of service as a team member. Special recognition is given to employees, campuses, and the district for a variety of accomplishments. A wellness program is also provided by the district at no additional cost to the employees.

DeSoto ISD uses team teaching to help teachers and students create a family environment. The district also practices vertical and horizontal teaching. This is the communication between campuses to ensure that quality education is ongoing.

Become a Teacher

If you are interested in joining the DeSoto ISD team of great educators and already have a bachelor’s degree, our online program will help you acquire the credentials you need to become a certified teacher in the state of Texas.

Our online program has become increasingly popular over the years, mainly because of the convenience it offers for busy professionals. The Web-Centric Alternative Certification Program (WCACP) is an online program that allows individuals with a bachelor’s degree to start a second career without having to go back to college full-time. The course material incorporates chat sessions and videoconferencing to provide the personal touch of the classroom experience to teaching candidates.

WCACP prepares students for their one-year teaching internship that is required for earning a teaching certificate in the state of Texas.