Region 7 Tyler ISD in Texas

Located in Northeast Texas, Tyler ISD covers over a 193 miles radius with a total of 36 campuses and auxiliary facilities. Educational campuses include 2 high schools, 6 middle schools, 17 elementary schools, 2 alternative schools, and one special education campus. It has 18,209 students enrolled who are of various cultural backgrounds including the following: 22.04% Anglo; 44.37 Hispanic; 31.31% African American 1.3%; Asian; .24% Native American.

The average teaching experience in Tyler ISD averages around 7.4 years, with the current starting salary of $45,581. Among the teaching staff you have varying educational levels with 72.7% of teachings holding at least a bachelor's degree; 26.5% masters; .8% doctorate.
One of the many avenues of ensuring support for students and staff is through the many partnerships that Tyler ISD has made with businesses and organizations such as:

• East Texas Food Bank
• Business Education Council
• Junior Achievement
• Critical Thinking For Life Men
• The University of Texas at Tyler
• Tyler Junior college
• City of Tyler Police Department
• Tyler ISD Foundation

These partnerships support Tyler ISD in their own unique way such as helping to decrease truancy violations, promoting college readiness, mentoring and more.

Students and teachers are also supported through the Tyler ISD Foundation. The Tyler ISD Foundation, which was established in 1990, is a collaborative effort of businesses and community members to provide funding and support to students, teachers, staff and families associated with Tyler ISD. Funds are raised through an annual campaign that gains financial support from area businesses, philanthropists, alumni, parents, faculty and staff. They also gain funding through applying to grants and appealing to area organizations and foundations.

These funds are used as competitive grants available to teachers, teachers working as a team, and campuses. They are also used to honor top twenty graduates, National Merit Scholars and the teachers that supported them the most through an event called A Night of Shining Stars. Another way the funds are used is as a tool to support successful and influential programs within the district.

The district also support teachers and students through the program AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination). The program helps middle and high school students, who are interested and capable of completing a college preparatory path, gain access to four-year colleges. The program starts college and post-secondary readiness in elementary schools, providing AVID as an elective class. To ensure teachers are prepared they receive professional development training and team planning.

This is just a glimpse of how students, staff, and teachers are supported. The amount of support Tyler ISD receives from the community and programs is very wide and diverse.

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Tyler ISD is great for any teacher that is just starting out because of the support they provide to their staff and their students. Visit their page at to learn more.