Conroe ISD

Established in 1892, Conroe ISD is currently occupied by 58 campuses including 30 elementary schools, 9 intermediate schools, 7 junior high schools, 3 ninth-grade campuses, 6 high schools, 2 academies, and an alternative discipline program. It provides education to over 55,000 students, with a yearly increase of about 1,500 students.

Conroe ISD has consistently been in the news for their schools impressive educational and extracurricular activities and accomplishments, such as their reading initiative to increase students’ interests in reading, their achievements in academic competitions such as the Regional DI completion, and Conroe High’s Fierce Diamonds’ step performances.

The district is known to perform above the state average in standardized testing and other testing formats such as TAKS, AP tests, and more. Their graduation rate of high schools students stands at a 95.1%.

It has a diverse demographic of students with 56.0% being of Anglo ancestry; 33.7% Hispanic; 6.0% African American; 6.6% other. Around 35% of these students are economically disadvantaged.

Conroe ISD seeks to provide their staff with the professional development they need to efficiently and successfully instruct students. Through the usage of staff development local and federal funds, teachers new and seasoned will be able to gain the skills and perspectives needed to run a successful classroom and teach interactive and engaging lessons. They learn models and skills such as the Curriculum and Instruction Model, Cross-Curricular Integration, STAAR Initiative, Diversity, and more.

In addition to providing teachers with professional development education and models, the district also provides them, and students, with technological resources to boost the learning experience and improve organization. Conroe ISD has set aside over 10 million dollars for technology expenditures. They seek to provide schools, students, and teachers with high speed internet access, curriculum-based software, computer access and printers, wireless laptop and tablets, and much more. Regardless of whether a student is in the average classroom environment, in the Bilingual/ESL program, or in the GT/ Advanced Academic Programs, they will reap great benefits from the district’s investment.

Conroe ISD has instilled programs in the district to meet the educational needs of every student, such as the Bilingual/EL Program and the GT/Advanced Academic Program. The Bilingual/ESL Program helps English Language Learns gain proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking English. The Bilingual Program enforces the Dual Language model where ELLs are exposed to both Spanish and English in the classroom, and as they reach closer to a certain grade level and their English language skills improve, they are exposed to more lessons being taught in English. The GT/Advanced Academic Program places students who show exceptional leadership, critical thinking, intellectual, and creative skills, in classes that will challenge them and their skills to reach their full potential. Students are able to get a head start on college courses and are prepared to meet the expectation that a college or university sets for them.

Another way Conroe ISD helps teachers and students is through the CISD Education Foundation. The CISD Education seeks to help teachers and students beyond the classroom. They provide graduating students who are seeking a future teaching career a scholarship to go towards their college tuition, books, and fees. For Conroe ISD teachers who want to continue their education, they will receive a scholarship that will also cover their tuition, books, and more. For alumni who are coming back to teach current CISD students, they receive a welcome back gift card for a hundred dollars.

Conroe ISD takes their teachers’ careers and students’ education very seriously and make continuous efforts to make sure their CISD family is taken care of.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the CISD family, but did not gain your certification while attending school, then you should consider gaining your Texas Teacher’s Certification through the Web Centric Alternative Certification Program. It is a fast paced online program that will ensure that you are prepared for the classroom.

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