Field Experience

There are two field experience options to become certified through the program: (1) internship, or (2) clinical teaching. You would only complete one field experience option for certification. You choose which option is right for you.

You will complete online curriculum and classes to prepare for the classroom regardless of which option you choose. On average, most students spend 5-10 hours per week on the online curriculum portion of the program.

Option #1: Internship

With this route you must obtain a full-time teaching position at a school district, TEA recognized private school, charter school, or Head Start in Texas. WCACP will help ensure you are prepared to interview with school officials.

An internship is a one year (two semesters) assignment you will complete at a school. The one-year teaching internship must be in your certification area. During your one-year teaching internship, you will receive salary and benefits commensurate of a first year teacher. Paraprofessional, substitute, or volunteer positions do not count toward an internship.

During the one-year teaching internship, WCACP will recommend a probationary certificate that will run for 12 months. The probationary certificate enables you to be considered the “teacher of record”, with all rights, privileges, and responsibilities of any other first year teacher in Texas.

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Option #2: Clinical Teaching

With this route WCACP handles the set-up process to obtain your clinical teaching placement. Every effort will be made to obtain a placement in your desired certification area, grade level, and school.

This route to certification is a 13-week unpaid assignment in the classroom of a certified teacher. The clinical teaching assignment will consist of gradually taking on the responsibilities of the classroom teacher.

Your clinical teaching assignment can be completed at any school district, TEA recognized private school, or charter school in the state of Texas. The assignment must be completed in the grade level and subject area of the TExES certification exam you have passed.

Clinical Teaching Options

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