Out of State Policy (Texas Certification)

If you currently live outside of Texas you will be required to pass your TExES content exam in order to be accepted into the Web-Centric Alternative Certification Program (WCACP). Keep in mind you will need to complete your teaching internship at an approved school in Texas.

Testing centers are located in each state to enable you to pass your TExES content exam prior to your move to Texas. Once passed, you can immediately begin applying for teaching jobs in Texas and will be more marketable to a hiring principal.

Follow the PACT Instructions to register for your TExES content exam. You can challenge any TExES exam on our WCACP list of approved certification areas.

Make sure you sign up for the TExES content exam via the PACT (Pre-Admission Content Test) and not the PRAXIS. PRAXIS scores are not accepted.

Give yourself adequate time to study. Start with the ETS study manual - it will give you an outline of the TExES content exam. Review the terminology thoroughly.