Secondary Education

Secondary education refers to grade levels anywhere from middle school to the high school level. In the past few years, a severe shortage of highly qualified teachers in the 4-8 grade level has put a strain on the education system in Texas. Especially hard hit are the science and math positions necessary to instruct the future leaders of tomorrow. Teacher shortages in these subject areas have caused a strain on the educational system. In an effort to put qualified individuals into classrooms, alternative certification programs have become more widely accepted throughout the state. School districts, private schools, and charter schools are now considering alternative certification students to fill teaching gaps.

The Web-Centric Alternative Certification Program is offering an online alternative certification program that will prepare secondary education teachers for the rigors of the classroom environment. WCACP instructs teaching candidates on the proper techniques used in secondary education classrooms. This online alternative certification program shows future teachers how they can integrate today’s technology into their classroom. During the program, teaching candidates will learn the skills necessary to teach in a content-specific TEKS-based classroom.

There are many benefits to selecting the Web-Centric Alternative Certification Program for your transition to the teaching field. Since the program is online, it is perfect for individuals that are switching careers. Students can access the required training from anywhere at anytime, which allows them to maintain a full-time job while completing the program. The collaborative, inquiry-based learning format enriches teaching candidates and creates a positive atmosphere for obtaining knowledge.

WCACP allows candidates to complete the training for the online alternative certification program from home or on the run. Teaching candidates will use online modules, chats, blogs, and a videoconferencing system over the Internet to complete coursework. A videoconferencing system will encourage group discussions or individual meetings with a Virtual Instructor, whenever questions arise. All of the online modules are project based and collaborative for a more hands on approach than traditional online training. This well-rounded format offers everything the teaching candidate will need to succeed in their secondary education career. Classes are split into small groups that will encourage interaction and discussion between teaching candidates and Virtual Instructors.

WCACP offers several secondary education certifications to prepare individuals to teach at the middle school and junior high level. These certifications include 4-8 Generalist, 4-8 Math, 4-8 Science, 4-8 Social Studies, and 4-8 English Language Arts. Prior to acceptance in the program, teaching candidates transcripts will be evaluated for the necessary content hours to qualify. A teaching candidate is allowed to complete two certifications while enrolled in the alternative certification program.

In order to participate in WCACP for secondary education, certain requirements must be met. The candidate must possess a bachelor’s degree from a college or university with a grade point average of 2.5 or above on a 4.0 scale. The last sixty hours can also be evaluated. The 4-8 Generalist certification has generalized content hour admission requirements.

In order for the teaching candidate to obtain his or her teaching certification in secondary education, he or she must pass the TExES content exam. The purpose of the exam is to ensure the minimal knowledge requirements for an entry-level teacher. Study guides are available from SBEC to prepare candidates for the content exam. Additional study guides are made available to teaching candidates enrolled in the Web-Centric Alternative Certification Program.