Bilingual Education in Texas

In an effort to increase the number of bilingual teachers, many states, including Texas, have created alternative certification programs. This process allows individuals that are fluent in a second language and possess a bachelor’s degree, the opportunity to share their knowledge with children.

Become a Texas Bilingual Teacher

The Web-Centric Alternative Certification Program (WCACP) currently offers teacher certification in the Bilingual Generalist EC-6 and Bilingual Generalist 4-8 certification areas. These certifications will allow you to teach bilingual education in grade levels K-8.

In order to be eligible for open bilingual teaching jobs in Texas, individuals must pass either the TExES Bilingual Generalist EC-6 or Bilingual Generalist 4-8 certification exam. This test is used to evaluate math, English, science, and history skills to ensure the prospective teacher possesses the knowledge necessary to properly instruct their students.

Test preparation materials are available in the online curriculum to help guide you through the Bilingual Generalist EC-6 or Bilingual Generalist 4-8 certification exam. Our Bilingual Specialist is also available to assist with test preparation for the Bilingual Target Language Proficiency Test (BTLPT). This exam is a written and oral proficiency test in Spanish.

Apply Today - bilingual education is a critical need area for school districts throughout Texas.

Bilingual Education Career Path

WCACP was designed with convenience and learning in mind. You will work with skilled instructors, as well as other pupils to hone their craft and learn the skills necessary to become a successful bilingual educator. The lessons are taught in multiple venues, including virtual classrooms, group study, and self paced courses. This allows the student to learn the material quickly and thoroughly. The entire program is completed online, so students can maintain their busy schedules, while pursuing this worthwhile career choice.

Since these individuals are already bilingual, the educational aspects of the program will focus on teaching skills and the teaching philosophy necessary for the classroom. The teaching candidate will learn how to share their knowledge with their pupils. The course also focuses on strategies that will help prepare pupils for English speaking classes. Individuals that participate in the program will learn how to develop lesson plans, maintain an orderly classroom, and effectively disseminate information to students. WCACP has developed a well rounded process to help individuals that want to join the education field succeed in obtaining their goal.

Bilingual Education Shortage

Bilingual education is a vital part of the school system. Unfortunately, it is also one of the sectors hardest hit by the shortage of teachers. Individuals, who possess strong skills in a second language, should consider sharing their talents with students that can benefit from their knowledge. Becoming a teacher is an opportunity to shape the lives of our youth.

Children that struggle with English have more challenges to overcome than the average student. These students possess the same hopes, aspirations, and desires as their classmates. Unfortunately, the shortage of bilingual education teachers will result in some of these children never attaining all they could out of life. Enrolling in WCACP is a rewarding way to help out those that need it most, while transitioning to a meaningful career.

WCACP is dedicated to providing the instruction needed to change children’s lives. The online alternative certification program is a convenient way to achieve more than just a great career. This unique opportunity will provide you with a chance to make a real difference in our world. How many of us can say that we have the ability to mold young minds and forge a path to greatness? Now you can by becoming a bilingual education teacher.