Certified Texas Math Teachers

The demand for certified math teachers is on the rise due to the shortage of highly qualified teachers. Texas has seen a decline in the amount of individuals obtaining teaching certification in this field. Math is a vital curriculum area for every student, and the need for competent teachers is more important than ever before. Someone, who is trying to obtain a math teacher certificate, can enroll in an alternative certification program to teach math There are now online teacher certification programs in Texas for people who are gearing up to transition careers.

The Web-Centric Alternative Certification Program (WCACP) is an online solution to allow individuals in Texas to become certified math teachers. Candidates will not have to attend face-to-face workshops or training seminars. Our Web Centric cohort online training class is broken down into smaller groups so more efficient communication and feedback can take place among candidates. These groups are selected by grade level or the certification area the teaching candidate is pursuing. Someone trying to become a math teacher will benefit enormously from our online teacher certification program.

The 4-8 Math or 4-8 Generalist certification from WCACP allows a candidate to teach math in the State of Texas. The online training itself is structured into several different components. Potential math teachers will have the advantage of probing into detailed online modules, which help the candidate build a strong foundation of teaching knowledge for their real world experience in the classroom. These modules are project based, rather than consisting of the traditional multiple choice and true false questions.

Teaching candidates will also have the discreet advantage of being able to use a videoconferencing system during the program. This system enables small groups consisting of 3-4 people to discuss issues with other candidates and Virtual Instructors. Candidates can also engage in face-to-face discussions or chat with their Virtual Instructor. The different modes of online training will help equip the teaching intern for their content test, PPR exam, and eventually for the classroom environment. WCACP equips individuals with an advanced web cam, a microphone, and interactive communication service, so the candidate can converse face-to-face with others over the Internet.

An applicant, who desires to become a math teacher, has to fulfill several requirements in order to be eligible for this online certification program. Candidates must possess at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university with a minimum 2.5 grade point average. To be considered for the 4-8 Math certification, a minimum of 24 hours of college level math content hours must be completed. However, only six content hours of math is necessary to qualify for the 4-8 Generalist certification. The 4-8 Generalist certification allows individuals to teach math, science, history, or language arts at the junior high/middle school level.

The Web-Centric online training for potential math teachers in Texas has many advantages. Applicants can work at their own pace without being rushed or hassled. This program allows people to work from the comfort of their home and is very convenient for parents with children. Web-Centric online training is accessible anytime, anywhere and gives upcoming math teachers an inquiry-based learning format. Moreover, this online training program fits perfectly into the type of technologically advanced society we are living in these days.

A math teacher has the opportunity to enrich the lives of children in the twenty-first century. However, an alarming trend has developed in the field of teaching, which entails a decline in the number of individuals taking on a career in the education sector. The subject of mathematics has suffered tremendously because of this setback. Texas, along with many other states is now in need for educators, and online teacher training offered by WCACP is making it easier than ever to obtain a teaching certificate in Texas. Invest in the future of our children and come make a difference that everyone will notice.