English Teachers

Becoming an English teacher is more important than ever before. A good English teacher can give students the opportunity to build on their vocabulary and grammar, two vital components that are necessary to facilitate the growth of the English language. A teacher, who grasps the right skills, can make all the difference between satisfactory teaching and making a difference in a students life. Students have the right to the best education possible, and all look at their mentors to guide them on this path.

The advent of computers has made it easier than ever to become an English teacher. Alternative certification programs are now available online, which can enable individuals seeking a teaching certificate in Texas to achieve this goal in a timely fashion. Online teaching certification programs give candidates the luxury of being able to work out of their home and not having to attend time-consuming training sessions. The Web-Centric Alternative Certification Program (WCACP) offers online programs for anyone seeking to be certified in 4-8 English Language Arts or 4-8 English Language Arts/Social Studies.

English teachers can now complete all mandatory training required by the state before they start their teaching internship with a school district or accredited private/charter school. In class observation and substitute teaching is encouraged to give each teaching candidate hands-on experience for their one-year teaching internship. This certification program uses online modules, video interaction, and email correspondence to give the applicant everything they will need to become a successful classroom teacher. This is especially convenient for those upcoming English teachers, who have children and cannot get away from home for face-to-face training sessions.

This alternative certification solution gives the teaching candidate the discreet advantage of not having to spend a copious amount of time dealing with face-to-face training courses. These traditional courses can be extremely time consuming and usually take between 20-25 days to complete outside of the home. Individuals, who work full time jobs, can find themselves struggling to get to class on time because of an overloaded work schedule. Online training takes away this stress and gives potential English teachers the advantage of transitioning careers via distance learning.

An English teacher can obtain certification in the grade levels of 4-8 with this interactive alternative certification program. Applicants will need a bachelor’s degree with a minimum 2.5 grade point average from an accredited college or university. Candidates will be screened for reading, oral, and math skills and a fifty-dollar application fee is required to begin this process. Individuals will complete an online interview, three professional reference forms, and a payroll deduction form during the application process. Receiving an official copy of transcripts from all universities attended is also a requirement of the program.

These steps are very little to ask if you think of the enormous benefit you will be giving back to the children of our society who need your help in the field of education. A quality English teacher is not only someone who takes great pride in their work, but also someone who is willing to give a little bit extra to each and every student.