ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher

Individuals, who are considering a career in the field of education, may want to give some thought to becoming an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher. The importance of the English language cannot be stressed enough. Many children living in the United States come from different cultural backgrounds and are only familiar with their native language. An ESL teacher can enhance a child’s language skills by expanding their knowledge to include proper written and spoken English. Many jobs in Texas require that their employees are fluent in English, and ESL teachers can help tomorrow’s generation get a head start towards a successful career.

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Texas requires all individuals to go through an approved alternative certification program in order to become a certified ESL teacher. The teaching candidate will select an EC-4 Generalist or 4-8 Generalist content area to complement their ESL certification. In addition to training hours and their one-year teaching internship, ESL teachers will have to pass the TExES content exam to complete the requirements for their teacher certification. The first step, however, is to find a quality program that allows potential ESL teachers to receive the knowledge and instruction they will need before entering the classroom. The Web-Centric Alternative Certification Program (WCACP) has an online program that gives candidates the necessary training and instruction to fulfill Texas state requirements.

WCACP gives ESL candidates a head start on transitioning to a teaching career. This online program does not require the student to attend face-to-face workshops or training sessions. Coursework and assignments can be completed from the comforts of home. This gives students the flexibility to keep their full-time or part-time job and schedule everyday activities with little or no interruption. Teaching candidates can access this program anytime, anywhere, and complete online modules and project based instruction at their own leisure.

This program is perfect for the modern age. ESL teacher candidates will have access to a videoconferencing system, which allows them to communicate with fellow teaching candidates, as well as their designated Virtual Instructor. Teaching candidates will be able to receive feedback from their group and proper guidance from Virtual Instructors. Online modules and hands-one instruction help to form the building blocks for a successful transition into the classroom. These modules involve assignments, open forums, polls, chats, surveys, and journal entries. Individuals, who partake in this program, will develop the confidence and the skills needed to manage their classroom more effectively. An interactive whiteboard to complete online assignments and lessons will also be utilized during the program.

There are several requirements before an individual is accepted into this alternative certification program. All ESL candidates must possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, along with a GPA of 2.5 or higher. Moreover, potential candidates will be screened for good oral communication, reading, and math skills, along with efficient writing skills. Furthermore, official transcripts from all universities/colleges attended will be required, as well as a $50 application fee to process all necessary paperwork. The processing time once all paperwork has been submitted to obtain an acceptance letter is two to three weeks.

Once individuals are accepted into the program they will be ready to embark on a fantastic journey into the field of teaching. WCACP builds a solid foundation for all types of teachers, including ESL instructors. Students will realize that program components, such as email correspondence, videoconferencing, and detailed online modules will give them the necessary skills needed before entering the classroom setting. Teaching candidates can obtain an EC-4 or 4-8 ESL certification while enrolled in WCACP.

Teaching today’s children will enhance their knowledge and skills to succeed tomorrow. An ESL teacher holds one of the most important responsibilities in the education field. Children, who are able to speak the English language, will have more doors open to them as adults compared to those who do not learn. WCACP gives individuals the required training hours and necessary skills to obtain their standard teaching certificate in the state of Texas. Give children a chance to be all they can be by becoming an ESL teacher in the Texas school system.