Reimbursement Offers

There are two reimbursement programs currently being offered to pay down your tuition fee. Each special offer will allow you to lower your program fees, while gaining discounts or rewards.

You also have the choice to defer your payments until you begin an internship or clinical teaching assignment.

Opportunity Program

The Opportunity Program allows you to be reimbursed by the program for up to two certification exams when your tuition fee is paid in full.

A 10% discount is also applied when paid in full. This special offer will also allow you to be reimbursed $116 for your content exam.

Summary of Savings - 10% discount ($180 value) and $116 test reimbursement for a total savings of $296!

Freedom Program

The Freedom Program allows you to set-up reoccurring monthly payments as low as $35 per month. You will be eligible for program rewards for each month you’re enrolled in the program.

The program rewards include gift cards and reimbursement offers for state fees paid during the certification process. Once you accumulate enough program reward points, you can select your program reward.

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