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From the piney woods to the plains, from the gulf coast to the hill country, from the booming metropolis to the secluded farmlands, the great state of Texas has over 1250 public independent school districts (ISDs) and countless other accredited private schools. Although each place has its own unique opportunities and challenges, schools across Texas share the common goal of providing an excellent education for a diverse population of students. They also share the common need for quality teachers who will foster hope for the future of the state of Texas as they truly invest in the lives of these children.

What Teaching Positions are Available in Texas School Districts?

Because teaching is one of the fastest-growing career fields in the state of Texas, the opportunities to get involved with a school district are greater now than perhaps they have ever been. According to the Texas Workforce Commission, Texas school districts will require an additional 82,000 teachers in year 2008 alone. Although most Texas school districts are looking for qualified teachers in every field, instructors in some academic areas are especially needed. High school math, science, and technology teachers are in high demand across the United States. Because the student populations are becoming increasingly more diverse, opportunities are also especially great for special education, foreign language, and bilingual teachers. Teachers with Spanish-speaking abilities are especially critical in school districts across Texas.

The average salary for teachers in Texas is $38, 857, and many school systems offer bonuses for qualified special education and bilingual teachers who commit to teaching those subjects during multiple class periods throughout the school day. Incentives are also available to encourage qualified instructors, especially in subjects of high-demand, to continue teaching. Rural and inner-city school districts, where quality teachers are often the most needed, provide wonderful job opportunities in which new teachers can make a real difference in the lives of their students.

Teaching in Texas School Districts

Individuals that are not certified teachers and interested in becoming a teacher in a Texas school district are required to sign-up with an accredited alternative certification program. Most programs require the teaching candidate to have a bachelor's degree with a 2.5 GPA from an accredited college or university. Those who decide to become teachers after graduating from college can obtain a teaching certificate through a community college, university, or other a private institution that offers teacher training programs.

For those who have not had teacher training and who do not have the time or resources to devote to full-time college coursework, may want to consider an online alternative certification program. The Web-Centric Alternative Certification (WCACP) is an online teacher certification program that helps individuals to work at their own pace from the comfort of their own homes as they prepare for the classroom environment. This program, conducted entirely over the Internet, allows students to download lectures, participate in chat sessions, and even hear from their instructors via videoconferencing. Students who devote themselves to studying full time can finish the academic portion of the program in twelve to eighteen weeks, while others may choose to work a regular job and work part-time on attaining their certification. To become certified, teaching candidates would work in a Texas school district during their one-year teaching internship. During their internship, individuals would receive full pay and benefits of a first year teacher.

For more information on how to enroll in the Web Centric Alternative Certification Program Click Here

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