Teaching Certification Program in Houston, Texas

An alternative certification program is a general term that is used to define those that utilize a non-traditional avenue to becoming a certified teacher. Alternative teacher certification programs are generally geared toward aspiring teachers that have already obtained a baccalaureate degree or graduating seniors in their last semester of coursework.

Nearly all states now have some type of alternative to going back to college and majoring in education to become a certified teacher. The biggest change that has occurred in alternative certification programs in the Houston area is not the sheer proliferation of programs, but the consensus of definition of what counts as an alternative route.

Alternative certification in Houston has proved that the demand for teachers today is different than the high-demand of the past. Post World War II, when the flood of baby boomers hit the schools, there was a great demand for elementary school teachers throughout the nation. That is not the case today. In fact, across the board, there is an oversupply of elementary school teachers. Today’s demand for teachers is quite geographic and subject-matter specific. Demand for teachers is greatest in inner cities and outlying rural areas of Houston and in mathematics, the sciences, and special education, and mostly at the HS level.

Alternative certification in Houston is continually changing, as new focus geared toward online training programs are allowing candidates to learn at their own pace and from the confines of their homes. Project based learning and collaboration with cohorts will enable individuals to successfully complete their one-year teaching internship and become certified teachers in the state of Texas.