Alternative Teacher Certification in Texas

Almost a third of newly certified teachers who are finishing their first year of teaching became licensed through alternate routes rather than through four year education degrees. Alternative means of gaining licensure are becoming increasingly popular, in part because the growing teacher shortage calls for more teachers than education colleges alone can produce. Usually, participants in alternative teacher certification programs are paid to teach full time with the supervision of certified mentor teachers.

The requirement for alternative teacher certification are set by each state. The state of Texas is facing a major educational challenge- a growing need for teachers. Whether you are a recent college graduate, a mid-career change, or from another state/country, alternative teacher certification can lead you to becoming a teacher in Texas.

What are the requirements for alternative teacher certification?

  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. Texas institutions do not offer a degree in education. For secondary subjects, you will generally need a degree in the area you wish to teach, or 24 college credit hours in that field of study.
  • You must complete teaching training through a state approved program. etools4Education is an accredited online program and has help thousands become certified teachers since 2005.
  • You must successfully complete the appropriate teacher certification tests for the subject and grade level you intend to teach.
  • In an effort to attract more teachers, especially in shortage areas, alternative teacher certification offer nontraditional routes to teaching. Texas has shortages in all areas, but has the greatest need for teachers in math, science, special education, foreign languages, technology, and bilingual education.

Teaching Statistics (from the Texas Workforce Commission)

  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that teaching will be one of the fastest growing occupations in the next 5-10 years and beyond, with growing demand.
  • Texas will need over 100,000 new teachers by 2024.
  • The average teacher salary in Texas is just over $55,000.
  • Incentives and special programs are available to help individuals become and remain teachers.


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