Professional Development and Education

Using research-based principles to improve professional development are more likely to improve the overall teacher training. The source of these design principles to improve professional development and education is the National Partnership for Excellence and Accountability in Teaching.

  • The content of professional development focuses on what students are to learn and how to address the different problems students may have in learning the material.
  • Professional development should be based on analyses of the differences between actual student performance and goals and standards for student learning.
  • Professional development should involve teachers in identifying what they need to learn and in developing the learning experience in which they will be involved.
  • Professional development should be primarily school-based and built into the day-to-day work of teaching.
  • Most professional development should be organized around collaborative problem solving.
  • Professional development should be continuous and ongoing, involving follow-up and support for further learning.
  • Professional development should incorporate evaluation of multiple sources of information on the outcomes for students and the instruction and other processes involved in implementing lessons learned through teacher training.
  • Professional development should provide opportunities to understand the theory underlying the knowledge and skills being learned.
  • Professional development should be connected to a comprehensive change process focused on improving student learning.

The improvement of teaching is what matters in improving schools. The goal of professional development is to energize and enable those who teach and influence teaching to use knowledge based on research. This type of training will ensure that teachers have the capabilities, motivation, and opportunity to help all students achieve academic standards.

  • Designing a comprehensive professional development program for your school district will need the following to make your efforts successful.
  • Directly focused on helping to achieve student learning goals and supporting student learning needs.
  • Teachers and administrators work together in planning and delivering workshops.
  • On-going training with a long-term commitment.

In conclusion, using research-based principles will improve your district’s professional development and increase student achievement. This in turn will assist educators in teaching children to be life-long learners in today’s society.