Professional Development General Requirement

These standards are taken from the Texas Education Code (TEC) 21.041 (b)(4) and (9) which require the State Board for Educators Certification to specify requirements for the renewal of an educator certificate, and TEC 21.045 which requires the Board to identify courses and programs that fulfill educators’ continuing education requirements. These standards have been put in place by the State of Texas so teachers can be adequately prepared to work effectively in the classrooms of today.

The following are the requirement set forth by the State of Texas regarding professional development in public schools:

Number and Content of Required Continuing Professional Education Hours.

(a) Standard certificate. At least 150 clock hours of continuing professional education (CPE) must be completed during each five-year renewal period. Educators must complete a minimum of 20 clock hours of CPE each year of the renewal period. An educator renewing multiple certificates must complete a minimum of five- (5) CPE clock hours each year in the content area knowledge and skills for each certificate being renewed.

(b) One semester credit hour earned at an accredited institution of higher education is equivalent to 15 CPE clock hours.

(c) At least 80 percent of the CPE activities must be directly related to the certificate(s) being renewed and focus on the standards required for the initial issuance of the certificate(s), including several of the following listed in paragraphs (1)-(14) of this subsection:

  • content area knowledge and skills;
  • professional ethics and standards of conduct;
  • district and campus priorities and objectives;
  • child development, including research on how children learn;
  • discipline management;
  • applicable federal and state laws;
  • diversity and special needs of student populations;
  • increasing and maintaining parental involvement;
  • integration of technology into educational practices;
  • ensuring that students read on or above grade level;
  • diagnosing and removing obstacles to student achievement; and
  • instructional techniques

If these standards are met by school districts then the goal of increasing student achievement will be achieved. In research based findings it is known that teachers’ skills sets have a definite impact on students’ ability to understand concepts. This will ensure that our children will be prepared with 21st century literacy skills.