Paid Internship

Teaching candidates participating in the Web-Centric Alternative Certification Program (WCACP) must complete their pre-teaching training curriculum and pass their designated content test before they can begin their one-year teaching internship with a school district or accredited private school. The teaching candidate has the responsibility of searching for an open position throughout the state. However, WCACP will supply helpful links and resources to help the teaching candidate locate a position. The resources will include a list of all available teaching positions for each school district and accredited private school near their residence. Also, a student profile page developed for each teaching candidate (emailed to Human Resource staff) will help individuals land a one-year paid internship.

Although teaching positions are available year-around, the best time for a teaching candidate to find a position with a school district or accredited private school is between June and August. An alternate hiring season usually occurs between December and January. A teaching portfolio will be developed by each WCACP teaching candidate to help them land their dream job.

Steps to begin paid internship:

1. Submit application
2. Initial screening process to be accepted in the program
3. Accepted in the program
4. Pre-teaching training
5. Take/pass content test
6. Search for a teaching position
7. One-year teaching internship

The teaching candidate must pass the content test before school districts or accredited private schools will consider them for employment. The teaching candidate will be responsible to secure his or her own teaching position through the application/interview process. They will be paid the salary and benefits of a full-time teacher while they complete their one-year paid internship. The internship fee will not be deducted until a teaching candidate begins their one-year teaching internship. The internship fee will be deducted from their bi-monthly/monthly paycheck in equal increments. A WCACP payroll deduction form will be completed by each teaching candidate to allow each school district and accredited private school to payroll deduct their internship fee. In most cases, the educational entity will deduct the internship fee over a 12 or 15 month period.

A school district or accredited private school that hires a Web-Centric teaching candidate will assign a mentor within the first two to three weeks of school. In most cases, the principal has the duty of choosing a mentor for the teaching intern. In many cases, the mentor will be given a generous stipend during the school year. The mentor will provide support and guidance to the teaching intern. The mentor teacher will provide direction to help the teaching intern successfully progress though their paid internship. In addition, the principal will provide guidance to the teaching intern by evaluating the teacher through scheduled observations in the classroom. This will help give valuable feedback regarding the teaching intern’s classroom management skills and areas that need improvement.