Every teaching intern enrolled in an approved alternative certification program in the state of Texas must be fingerprinted before they can obtain a standard certificate, probationary certificate, one-year certificate or temporary teaching certificate. Fingerprinting is a method of taking inked impressions of an individuals fingerprint for the function of identification. Fingerprinting is a necessary component of alternative certification programs so that a thorough background check can be completed on each teaching intern. The first step is to obtain a fingerprinting packet, then the individual must be fingerprinted and send in the necessary paperwork for a background check. After this process is complete, teaching interns be allowed to receive their necessary certifications. Failure to follow the proper steps as outlined by the State Board for Educator Certification will result in a delay of processing of your application for certification.

Fingerprinting Instructions:

1. Request a fingerprinting packet from the State Board for Educator Certification.

Packet should include:

a. Two fingerprint cards

b. Fingerprint instructions and information form

c. Return envelope

d. Fee remittance form

2. The top portion of the fingerprinting card should be filled out by the recipients.

3. Recipients should pay the $47.00 fee for processing your fingerprint card. Payment can be by certified check, bank check, money order, school district check or personal check (made to SBEC-FP). In addition, you should include the fingerprinting fee remittance form with your payment. Do not include your payments with the fingerprinting card. Send the fee and the fingerprinting fee remittance form to:

State Board for Educator Certification – FP
P.O. Box 13917
Austin, TX 78711-3917

4. Individuals should be fingerprinted at their nearest sheriff or local police department. The DPS office does not provide fingerprinting services. Picture identification will be needed when fingerprinting.

Helpful hints:

a. Wash your hands before fingerprinting

b. Avoid using lotion or makeup before fingerprinting

Avoiding these pitfalls when fingerprinting will allow you to be properly

fingerprinted. If the fingerprints are smeared or blurry, you must repeat the

process to obtain a valid fingerprint to be used for a background check.

5. The completed fingerprinting card should be sent to SBEC.

Mail your fingerprinting card to:

State Board for Educator Certification
Fingerprinting processing
Capitol Station
P.O. Box 12728
Austin, TX 78711-2728

The following must be filled out in order for a card to be processed:

NAM: Print or type the Last Name, First Name and Middle Name of the person being fingerprinted

Signature of Person Being Fingerprinted: The person being fingerprinted must sign his or her legal name in this block. The card should be signed prior to rolling the fingerprints to prevent smearing. However, the card must be signed in the presence of the official taking the fingerprints.

Aliases (AKA): List any aliases used in the past (e.g. Dutch, Tex, Bunny) Female applicants using a married name should enter their maiden name in this block

Date of Birth (DOB): Date of birth must be entered as month, day, year. If birth date is unknown, then enter the age of the applicant or the year of birth.

Residence of Person Fingerprinted: List the street address, city and state of the fingerprinted person Social Security Number (SOC): Enter the social security number of the person to be screened.

Citizenship (CTZ): Enter the country of which the applicant is a citizen.

Sex: Use M for Male and F for Female

Race: Use the following letters;

W – White

H – Hispanic

B – Black

I – American Indian or Alaskan Native

A – Asian or Pacific Islander

U – Unknown

HGT (Height): Enter height in feet and inches such as 5’11” as 511. Do not use fractions.

WGT (Weight): Enter weight in pounds such as 180 lbs. as 180

EYES: Your eye color. Use the following abbreviations:

BLK – Black

BLU – Blue

BRO – Brown

GRY – Gray

GRN – Green

HZL – Hazel

HAIR: Your hair color. Use the following abbreviations:

BLK – Black

BRO – Brown

GRY – Gray

RED – Red

WHI – White

BAL – Bald

BLD – Blonde

Place of Birth (POB): Enter the state, territorial possession, province or country of birth.


For more information please visit the State Board for Educator Certification at