Teacher Lesson Plan

There are many things to take into consideration as you embark on a career in the education field. One area that is especially important for a new teacher is learning how to locate and create an effective lesson plan. Fortunately, there are several resources available that will make your job easier. The real question is where can a teacher go to find ideas and how can they incorporate them into a constructive lesson plan.

The world around us is overflowing with opportunities for an imaginative teacher to create a dynamic lesson plan. The challenge is to unlock the potential for learning that surrounds us. There are several obvious sources that a teacher can use to create a lesson plan. A newspaper is a very effective tool. It provides current events that can be enticing to the youth in your classroom. Real scenarios tend to grab a child’s attention and get them more involved in the work. The teacher could select from a variety of headlines ranging from local to world news. The subject matter can then be incorporated within the lesson plans of daily studies. A story on rising oil prices can effectively educate students on everything from calculating how much it would cost to fill the family vehicle to the science behind drilling for oil, as well as the political ramifications involved. Newspapers are an excellent way to encourage children to improve their reading and writing skills. If the assignment requires the student to read the newspaper regarding oil related stories, the practice will not only increase their knowledge of the situation, but also improve their comprehension skills. In addition, the newspaper is the perfect template for teachers to educate children on writing techniques.

However, television should not be ruled out as a potential source for gathering information for a lesson plan. In fact, public television and several cable channels provide lesson plans for teachers to assist them with classroom study material. Although it is simple to take the prepared information and disseminate it to children, a teacher could also revamp the lesson plan to fit their needs or subject. This would allow the educator to use a program that doesn’t appear to fit their curriculum. For example, a television show on cheetahs could educate students on anything from mathematics to painting animals, as long as the teacher has developed a well thought out lesson plan. If you decide to incorporate television programs into your classroom, it is critical that you determine the appropriateness of the material for the age group of your students.

Of course, it is also possible to find relevant subject matter from other sources. The Internet is a wealth of information, so it is no wonder that the options are limitless within this forum. However, you might be surprised to find the perfect subject matter for your lesson plan within your own backyard, so to speak. Local issues help your students become more aware of the topics within their own community. The same can be said for issues within the school, district or even the classroom. The teacher should be encouraged to use their imagination when developing a lesson plan. A fictitious scenario, which could possibly occur, is an excellent starting point. The teacher’s students can then be encouraged to research the viability of such an occurrence within their community.

The Internet also has a wealth of lesson plan examples that a teacher can use in his or her classroom. Some of these sites charge for the service, but others provide it at no cost. There is also software available, which will make creating your lesson plan much easier. The important thing is to keep your mind open for creative ways to incorporate items within daily life into your classroom environment. The purpose, after all, is to educate, and the best way to accomplish this monumental task is to keep the student interested in the subject matter. A well though out lesson plan, with an intriguing topic, is the best way to accomplish your goal as a teacher.