School Teacher Study Materials

Individuals, who are considering entering the field of education, will need to have the proper study materials for the upcoming TExES content exam. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) requires that teaching candidates enrolled in alternative certification programs have a certain number of hours before they can take the state mandated TExES content and PPR exam to obtain their standard certificate. Comprehensive study materials are available at bookstores and local colleges for the content exam. Students can also obtain study materials for the TExES content exam by ordering from online vendors. Preparing for the Texas certification examination can be a challenging task, but there are some great programs available to assist students in their quest.

The Web-Centric Alternative Certification Program (WCACP) offers an online teacher certification program for students, who are trying to fulfill the state mandated requirements. WCACP allows candidates to complete coursework and assignments from the comforts of home. This gives students more flexibility in their schedule, since they will not have to attend face-to-face training workshops. The program is designed to give teaching candidates the proper study materials through online training and an accelerated edge before entering the classroom. Topics included in the learning management system include classroom management, lesson plans, and discipline topics.

The learning management system will help students obtain broader teaching knowledge, which is essential in any classroom setting. Most of these online modules are project based and do not use the standard question and answer format. Students will also benefit from the videoconferencing system used in this online program. Individuals can engage in face-to-face conferences with fellow teaching candidates and Virtual Instructors. WCACP instructors will be glad to answer questions on classroom techniques, online modules, and study materials for the upcoming TExES exam. This aids students in obtaining the proper instruction and ample feedback they need on their way to becoming a certified teacher in Texas.

Enrolling in an alternative certification program is the first step to becoming a certified teacher in Texas. Studying for and passing the TExES (Texas Examinations of Educator Standards) test is of paramount importance while enrolled in the alternative certification program. A school district in Texas cannot hire a teaching intern until they have passed their TExES content exam. This test is phasing out the ExCET (Examination for the Certification of Educators in Texas) test. Study materials, for this examination, can be obtained at your local bookstore, college library, or even online. Most of the materials for this exam are manuals, which give students tips on how to become a better test taker, something everyone needs before sitting down to take a big examination. In addition, the content test study material provides a review of the domain/competences, flash cards, and an interactive practice test.

These study guides also have vocabulary lists, sample questions, pertinent subject-area information, and references. All study materials for the TExES examination should have content pertaining to the current objectives mandated by the State Board for Educator Certification. Teaching candidates, who are engaging in the alternative certification program, can obtain their certificate in specialized fields, such as mathematics, science, and bilingual education. There are specific guides for these subject areas, so be sure to download the appropriate practice materials for your area of study from The State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) website. In addition, study materials from the alternative certification program or outside vendors are a good idea to adequately prepare teaching candidates for the TExES content test.

Obtaining a teacher certification in the State of Texas is both challenging and exciting. Students will be required to pass their content exam, have positive in-class evaluations, and pass their state mandated TExES examinations before an alternative certification program can recommend the teaching candidate to the state for their standard certificate. WCACP offers students an online training program for teacher certification, which will give every candidate the appropriate training hours, and the confidence they need to take and pass their content exam. Students should always have the proper study materials on hand, so they can reinforce concepts learned online and new topics for the content exam. Having the right study materials for the TExES content exam can make all the difference in a passing or failing grade.