San Antonio Area Testimonials

I really appreciated the staff at Web-Centric. They worked with me while I was in Kuwait and when I came home. The course is excellent for people who have a job and are wishing to move into education.

Rob Shapiro

My experience with Web-Centric has been very positive. I really love that you can go at your own pace and everything is done electronically. I really enjoyed the chat classes and met many other teachers from all over Texas. Web-Centric has outstanding customer service, whenever I had a question, they answered it right away and always gave me other resources to refer to. The course instructors are so knowledgeable and always there to help when needed. Their TExES prep courses were so informational and easy to access. I would recommend Web-Centric to anyone who is seeking alternative certification.

Laila Romo
New Frontiers Charter School

My experience with Web-Centric was phenomenal. The instructors were there every time I had a question. The curriculum was self-explanatory. Resources were always available, and for a working mother with 3 kids, I was able to accomplish every assignment at my own pace. The preperation practice test that web-centric offered me was all I needed to pass the test the first time around. I want to thank web-centric for all the help they provided me with through my internship year.

Yara Schutter

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