Online Training

As a teacher, you are very aware of what a demanding job it can be. For every person, who smugly proclaims, “you get summers off”, there is a teacher staying up late to grade papers or coming in early to tutor a student. You know that you need to further your education, but finding the time can be challenging. Fortunately, modern technology has a solution. Online training will allow you to brush up on your skills and learn new techniques, without requiring you to be away from the classroom or falling behind on lesson plans. You can work at your own pace, and when it is convenient for your schedule.

Online training can include everything from certification for teachers from out of state to new learning philosophies and continuing education courses. Of course, there are several types of Internet learning programs available. You can enroll in formal online training, which includes a structured curriculum, testing, and a teacher that you can speak with regarding questions. The courses intuitively combine video conferencing, so you have a more visual, traditional classroom approach incorporated within the modern learning experience. However, online training is not limited to these structured programs. It can include simply locating information that will help you improve your classroom skills or an article that will provide suggestions for handling a difficult situation. In fact, the process of researching and incorporating information in your classroom regarding teaching children with learning disabilities, so you can better assist that student, can be a critical part of online training.

If you need to earn your certification, because you have moved from another state, online training is an excellent option. The Web-Centric Alternative Certification Program (WCACP) offers a teaching certification that is NCLB compliant. This class allows you to complete the classes on your time. This flexibility is especially important for individuals seeking an alternative teaching certificate. Unlike other programs, which require you to attend classes during the day, this learning experience allows you to complete the certification process, without giving up your current job. The classes provide all of the required knowledge for the alternative teaching certification program, but also include valuable lessons, which can be overlooked in a traditional college setting. Rather than teaching the past, the learning is focused on teaching the present and future by incorporating technology into the classroom. The online training goes one step further to provide ways of using technology to help the future teacher create lesson plans, coordinate parent-teacher conferences, and more.

The increasing shortage of teachers has created a large demand for professionals seeking to educate our children. Alternative certification is one way that states are encouraging individuals to pursue teaching as a career. Although many people are eager to take on this challenge, the prospect of giving up their current job, while obtaining their alternative certification is not a realistic option. Online training allows dedicated individuals to achieve their goals, and provides qualified teachers for our students.

The unique online training offered by WCACP breaks the program into different learning environments. The two formats will include asynchronous and synchronous activities. The asynchronous portions are directed around the modules, blogs, discussion boards, surveys, and polls, while the synchronous activities will incorporate virtual whiteboards forums, face-to-face video over IP, and class chats. This combination allows you to complete the asynchronous tasks on your own time, and the synchronous items within a group setting. Thereby providing a more encompassing online training experience. There is no reason to let your dreams pass you by. Alternative certification and continuing education are both possible, if you remain focused and determined to achieve your goals. The only difference is that the process is easier and less demanding with online training.