Distance Learning Programs in Texas

The internet has allowed distance learning based programs to become an innovative solution to educational needs not only in Texas, but around the world. Tight budgets and large class sizes have facilitated the decision by school districts around the nation to make distance learning an important component of classroom instruction. Recently, many more school districts around the state of Texas have been implementing professional development programs via learning management systems, videoconferencing and web-based instruction for Texas students. With the advent of distance learning, learning can take place with the teacher and student being physically separated from each other. Distance learning allows your children to continue to learn and interact with peers long after school has dismissed. Distance learning programs are increasingly being viewed by many Texas school districts as an economical way to expand their existing programs, offer new programs and make learning more interactive for students. A learning management system can be a solution for school districts that are looking to expand or improve upon the public education system.

Distance learning also allows teachers to continue their lesson long after the bell rings. Teachers utilizing online modules and email can facilitate online discussion, post grades and assignments, as well as keep parents informed of the progress of their child’s education. The Internet allows teachers to teach courses more creatively and dynamically. With the advent of the Internet and distance learning capabilities, each student has an enormous amount of resources available to them. Learning in the 21st century is not limited to time and space capabilities. Distance learning is transforming the traditional classroom lesson that was common five to ten years ago. Teachers have the flexibility to implement distance learning technologies to reconfigure the ways in which students learn. Distance learning in Texas has the potential to generate new avenues for teaching and leaning for students. Teaching via distance learning modes can teach anyone, anytime, anywhere.

School districts have the ability to partner with neighboring schools and agencies to offer online instruction for programs that are unable to be funded. For example, a school district may lack the funds necessary for a Latin or French class, but if a partnership is bridged with another agency, online instruction is possible. Implementing distance learning programs would allow the district to hire one teacher for the program and broadcast the class via videoconference or streaming video to several classes throughout the district. The teacher could teach and work with students from dozens of schools at once. Certain AP courses could also be offered through a similar system.

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