Other Costs

The following fees are paid directly to the state or private/non-profit contractors. They are subject to change without notice. Candidates seeking teacher certification in Texas are subject to these fees.

Technology Fee

The program is now responsible to collect a $35 technology fee per candidate who are admitted on or after 3/15/17. The technology fee collected is paid to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) at the end of the ASEP reporting year.

Exam Fees

In order to become certified in Texas, you must pass your content exam and Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) exam. Examination fees are payable to Pearson.

Content Exam - $116 per attempt
Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) - $116 per attempt
Core Subjects Individual Subject Test (retake one section) - $65 per attempt

Certification Fees

Certification fees are payable to the Texas Education Agency.

Fingerprinting: $52.00
Probationary Certificate Application Fee: $78.00
Standard Certificate Application Fee: $78.00
Intern Certificate Application Fee: $78.00