How to Obtain a Texas Teacher Certification

There is a demand for qualified and committed teachers and other men and women wanting to pursue a Texas teacher certification. As of 1998, nearly half of the nation's teachers were over 45, which suggest that approximately two million teachers will be needed in the next decade. Approximately one third of new teachers quit during their first three years on the job, and almost half leave the profession within the first five years.

By having a Texas teacher certification, you become part of the solution to society's overwhelming problems. Teachers can often feel marginalized, particularly in comparison to their educated peers who out-earn them in corporate jobs, but it is important to remember that teachers are the cornerstone of our society. Without effective teachers, there would be no easy access to information that is required for each individual's success.

How you benefit by becoming a teacher. Aside from the pride that comes from doing such rewarding work, a Texas teacher certification has some substantial perks, most notably, the school schedule. Teachers can use summer breaks, winter breaks, and spring breaks to pursue other interests, such as writing, research, art, travel, or any number of other things.

By pursuing a Texas teacher certification, you are not only making a change in your life; you will be making a change in the lives of countless school age children. No matter what stage you are in your life, a Texas teacher certification will give you the opportunity to put your abilities to maximum use. If you think you have what it takes to be a teacher, consider becoming part of the solution. There is no such thing as being over-qualified for teaching

Web-Centric Alternative Certification Program

One of the quickest ways to obtain your Texas teacher certification is through the Web-Centric Alternative Certification Program offered by etools4Education. This program is accredited by the state of Texas and utilizes distance learning to get you on the path to becoming certified so you can teach at any public, private, or charter school within the state.

One major benefit of using WCACP to get certified is that we work closely with local school districts all over Texas to help find teaching jobs for candidates enrolled in the program. Our candidate search database gives principals and HR Directors a listing of all highly qualified teaching candidates in the program.

The Texas legislature restored billions of funding back to Texas schools last year. This will result in increased hiring during the 2015-2016 school year and beyond. With record state revenues during 2015 & 2016, the funding of education in Texas looks bright.

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Become a Texas school teacher. Apply online today.

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