Field Experience Fee

You will choose one of the two options below for your path to certification. The $2,100 field experience fee is the same for either route to certification.

The field experience fee is only paid once you begin an internship or clinical teaching assignment.

One-Year Teaching Internship (Option 1)

You will go through the normal application process (applying and interviewing) to obtain a teaching position for your one-year teaching internship.

During your one-year teaching internship, you will receive a base salary and benefits of a first year teacher.
Make 12 equal monthly installments during your one-year teaching internship. 0% Interest!

Clinical Teaching Assignment (Option 2)

If you select this field experience option, WCACP will place you in a 14-week (70 instructional days) clinical teaching assignment at an Independent School District or TEA recognized private school.

Flexible payment options.