Hands On eLearning Online Private School

Young minds require a solid foundation of knowledge to support future learning. Through our online school students learn the basics, acquire study skills, and develop a love of learning. Our staff recognizes unique needs and uses your child’s skills and interest as a springboard, giving context to the material so your child is motivated to learn. We create a personalized and engaging experience using technology as a tool while working with you as part of the team.

Structured lessons are blended with self-paced learning to ensure that each student reaches his or her full potential. Our online curriculum is a highly effective alternative to a traditional public or homeschool curriculum. Our caring, certified teachers evaluate student progress and provide ongoing feedback.


  • Online course content
  • Teacher support
  • Individualized learning path
  • Student orientation
  • Online learning management system
  • Virtual field trips
  • Customer service
  • Technical support
  • Content tutoring available – provide one-on-one instruction when needed to help each student achieve his or her highest potential
  • Exceptional learning experiences
  • Robust support team of teachers and advisors

Our online learning system (environment) makes it easy for families to connect to the curriculum lessons, resources, and learning tools from any where there is an internet connection.

  • Access daily lesson and assignments
  • Monitor progress
  • Connect with teachers
  • Access videos, web applications, and other learning tools
  • Provide feedback on courses and the school
  • View videos and teacher demonstrations
  • We create a personalized and engaging experience using technology as a tool
  • Work with you as part of the team

Best chance to flourish

  • Caring state-certified teachers
  • High-quality curriculum
  • An opportunity for parent involvement
  • Safe social opportunities
  • Technology that powers learning
  • Customized learning plans
  • One-on-one individualized attention
  • Personalized performance learning approach
  • A safe, supportive school environment
  • High quality curriculum
  • Flexible pacing
  • Tailored education to meet your child’s special needs
  • Offering an individualized education approach
  • Payment plans
  • Sibling discounts
  • Continuous enrollment
  • Questioning techniques
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Group discussions with live text or video-based chat sessions
  • Religious track

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